Friday, September 4, 2009

Reinisch hits level 80

Reinisch hit level 80:

The special announcement is -- I'm doing it once more, this time without battlegrounds (if possible)...

Since Cataclysm will changes a lot of quests, there might be enough of a "boost" from new quests to gain more levels. Plus, if I really want to get every last XP point, I can change to Horde and back to get many of the Horde quests. With any luck, Blizzard will add low-level dailies...


roguedubb said...

You might want to look into Recruit-A-Friend as well, which would provide you with two options:
1) granting 60 levels, combined with the fact that any current experience you have when a level is granted is counted as a percent, not an absolute amount (so if you have 1 bar to go at level 1 and you get granted 60 levels, you will still have one bar to go, netting you thousands of extra exp).
2) group with RAF and all those breadcrumb quests add up a lot quicker.

Also, faction changing could help you out because it opens up nearly twice as many quests (barring neutral quests, like the goblin ones).

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! Sorry to miss the majority of the celebration, but it's nice to see the video.
Good luck on your new pacifist. I'll be looking out for updates.

'the for the most part retired pacifist'

Thistlefizz said...

Congratulations again!

Don't forget the heirloom shoulders! They stack with R-a-F.

El said...

Can't you recruit 3 friends and then level to 60 instantly? This all comes down to setting appropriate goals.

Some would regard battleground experience as inappropriate. Or heirlooms. Or even rested, or any method of making leveling easier.

But that misunderstands why Noor and Reinisch are interesting: It's not that they reached 80. It's that wherever possible, they found ways to do quests that the designers often hadn't intended.

Bekkabakoo said...

Congratulations on that most commendable achievement. I heard about your exploits a few days ago and since it was on my realm I just had to show up and cheer you on (I am the gnome cheering at you on the edge of the fountain). Your Dalaran instructions for low levels worked great =)