Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reaching level 20 -- and rerolling Mainchenn

Just before hitting level 20, I looked at Mainchenn's stats and was shocked to see he had credit for killing 1 beast, even though his "largest hit dealt" under Combat was still "--"

It took me a while to figure out what it was... when I did the escort quest The Sleeper Has Awakened, I tried using Hibernate on a Ghost Wolf at one point to try and pass by without fighting (which wouldn't have worked anyway -- the mob attacks when it wakes up). Instead, Kerlonian Evershade (the escortee) immediately started attacking it! Even though we were attacked by the (scripted attack) of furbolgs and he also killed those, I didn't get kill credit because I only healed him. But it looks like doing anything to a mob can give you credit if your escort kills it. That means I can't use anything during an escort -- no Magic Dust, no Hibernate, no Goblin Rocket Helmet or even a Target Dummy (I think). I'll do some more tests with other toons before using anything during an escort if I can't do it any other way.

Since it's taken me less than a week to get to level 20, I'll just reroll Mainchenn and avoid making that mistake again...


Anonymous said...

What's really neat about this character is that you're really investigating the game mechanics. I bet there's going to be a lot of things that don't seem to make sense that are just part of how the programming is accomplished.

Ahimsah stats say:
Creatures killed: 262 (Which could easily be mobs that I used a target dummy on or stunned during escorts.)

Different creature types killed: 7

Creature type killed the most: Totems (189)

Which yes, Ahimsah has definitely destroyed a lot of totems, both in BGs and escort quests. I wouldn't call them 'creatures' but the statistics are counting them.

Critters killed: 88
(Rats group members killed at the farm I guess? Once, I accidentally hit a deer with my fishing pole when it jumped out of the water while I was fishing... But are some of these other types of summoned objects that get classified as critters?)

Good luck,


Brian Westley said...

Creatures killed could also include hunter & warlock pets in BGs.

I guess anything with health is a "creature" type, just like fishing is a type of spell...

Yeah, critters are probably mostly AB rats at the farm.

Trap said...

Aw, that's a shame. Seems like a lot of work to redo to me.

Brian Westley said...

Well, like I said, I did this in less than a week, so it isn't that bad. I rebooted Noor when she tried sapping an NPC and her dagger skill went up, but when she did it again later, she was farther along so I didn't bother.