Sunday, September 6, 2009

80 is doable - grinding XP without battlegrounds!

Again, I forgot that there already ARE low-level, repeatable quests that grant XP, and they aren't even daily quests, you can do them as often as you like.

The inscription decks (rogues, swords, mages, demons) all grant XP as often as you turn them in. Not a huge amount (about 30-40 turn-ins per level at the start of their 9 levels, and about 70-90 near the end), but not insignificant either. Once I do the two low-level blacksmith quests and the low-level leatherworking quest, I'll switch to inscription/herbalism and grind out decks to help leveling. The four deck types can be turned in starting at levels 10, 20, 30, and 40, but the auction house typically only has the level 10 (rogues) decks, because people use them to grind Darkmoon Faire reputation, and all the decks grant the same rep. Without battlegrounds, these decks and seasonal quests are the only XP grind I can do before level 55 and fishing up Strange Engine Parts, and level 62 with the Spirits of Auchindoun daily, until Cataclysm changes everything. (Addendum: from level 10 to level 40, there is always at least one Darkmoon Deck that isn't gray (i.e. can be turned in for full XP), and Demon Decks don't turn gray until -- level 55, when I can start turning in Strange Engine Parts)

As usual, I'll pop out of inscription/herbalism to do the leatherworking chain around level 30 and blacksmithing around 40. Since I don't do battlegrounds, I don't really need engineering except for occasional target dummies, so I can keep dropping professions as I need to.

The Night Elf Shadowmeld is nearly as good as vanish, at least against NPCs. It gets me out of combat, which is needed for some solo instance quests.

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