Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bingles and the Bear

First, here's Mainchenn getting one of Bingles' tools; Shadowmeld allows a little more time to grab items, because the mobs are still running back at first:

Next, Mainchenn gets bear form in the Barrens after watching a tauren druid (Seraith) do the quest:


roguedubb said...

Should have told you this earlier; but you might want to save the Druid class quests. The give exp relative to your level, so by level 60 or so they're worth about 10k! As such they can be helpful to get past some of the harder levels.

Brian Westley said...

NOW you tell me...

Well, I got some extra XP from the Bear quest, and I'm due to hit the level 23 plateau. About the only quests I would want to have saved are the poison quests and the now-retooled aquatic form (which is now a healing belt).