Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mainchenn hits level 20

Here are the quests Mainchenn did to get from level 10 to level 20:

Nessa Shadowsong (night elf)
The Bounty of Teldrassil (night elf)
Beer Basted Boar Ribs
Your Fortune Awaits You... (0 XP)
(dropped 38 skinning, took up mining)
Winds in the Desert
(explored Durotar)
(explored Tirisfal Glades)
(explored Eversong Woods)
(explored Mulgore)
(dropped 75 mining, took up leatherworking)
Moonglow Vest (11) (leatherworking)
Heeding the Call (druid)
Flight to Auberdine (night elf)
The Family and the Fishing Pole
Return to Nessa (night elf)
(dropped 71 leatherworking, took up blacksmithing)
Elmore's Task
Deeprun Rat Roundup
Me Brother, Nipsy
Shimmer Stout
Supplying the Front (blacksmithing)
Stout to Kadrell
Thelsamar Blood Sausages
Stormpike's Delivery
Mountaineer Stormpike's Task (12)
(explored Dun Morogh)
The Lost Pilot
Moonglade (druid)
Great Bear Spirit (druid)
Back to Darnassus (druid)
Encroaching Gnolls
Gearing Redridge (blacksmithing)
(dropped 75 blacksmithing, took up Inscription)
Stormpike's Order
Goretusk Liver Pie
The Forgotten Heirloom
Poor Old Blanchy
Keeper of the Flame
Washes Ashore #1
Rogues Deck #1 (270 XP) (13)
Coming of Age
(explored Azuremyst Isle)
Elekks Are Serious Business (100 quests)
The Kessel Run
Irradiated Crystal Shards
What Argus Means to Me
A Favorite Treat
Catch and Release
Learning From the Crystals
Easy Strider Living
Washed Ashore #2 (Honored with Darnassus)
Bashal'Aran p1
Plagued Lands
How Big A Threat?
The Red Crystal
As Water Cascades (14)
The Fragments Within
Trouble in Darkshore?
Hilary's Necklace
A Free Lunch
Visit the Herbalist
Delivering Daffodils
Messenger to Stormwind p1
The Price of Shoes
Thunderbrew Lager
Return to Verner
Messenger to Stormwind p2
Messenger to Westfall p1
Messenger to Westfall p2
The Defias Brotherhood p1 (Honored with Stormwind)
The Defias Brotherhood p2
A Donation of Wool (Stormwind)
The Defias Brotherhood p3
The Defias Brotherhood p4
Rogues Deck #2-#5
(exploring) (15) (1d 0h 57m 29s /played)
Thundris Windweaver
Gaffer Jacks
The Tower of Althalaxx p1
Beached Sea Creature #1
Beached Sea Turtle #1
Beached Sea Turtle #2
The Cliffspring River
Rogues Deck #6
Urgent Delivery (0 XP)
The Missing Survey Team
The Bloodcurse Legacy
Restoring Sanctity
Searching for Galaen
Know Thine Enemy (Honored with Ironforge)
Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie (Honored with Exodar)
Ysera's Tears
Explorers' League, Is That Something for Gnomes?
Pilfered Equipment (16)
Ysera's Tears
Lessens Anew (druid)
A Lesson to Learn (druid)
Trial of the Lake (druid)
Trial of the Sea Lion (druid)
Aquatic Form (druid)
Newfound Allies
The Way to Auberdine
Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
The Principal Source (druid)
Cave Mushrooms
Gathering the Cure (druid)
The Fall of Ameth'Aran
The Absent Minded Prospector p1
The Master's Glaive
The Twilight Camp (17)
Return to Onu
A Donation of Wool (Darnassus)
Curing the Sick (druid)
Power over Poison (druid)
Redridge Goulash
The Lost Tools
Selling Fish
A Donation of Wool (Ironforge)
Speak with Shoni
A Donation of Wool (Gnomeregan) (Honored with Gnomeregan)
Ironband's Excavation
Find Bingles
A Dark Threat Looms p1
A Dark Threat Looms p2
Westfall Stew
Samophlange p1
Samophlange p2 (18)
Root Samples
Excavation Progress Report
Bingles' Missing Supplies
(explored Loch Modan)
Filthy Paws
Report to Ironforge
Powder to Ironband
Resupplying the Excavation
After the Ambush
Protecting the Shipment
Messenger to Darkshire p1
Seasoned Wolf Kabobs
Messenger to Darkshire p2
Dry Times
Beached Sea Turtle #3
Beached Sea Creature #2
Beached Sea Turtle #4
Beached Sea Creature #3
Beached Sea Turtle #5
Beached Sea Creature #4
(explored Darkshore)
Mathystra Relics
The Sleeper Has Awakened (19)
Journey to Astranaar (but I missed Fiona Longears)
Onward to Ashenvale
Raene's Cleansing p1
Deliveries to Sven
The Hermit
Raven Hill
Jitters' Growling Gut
Dusky Crab Cakes
Return to Jitters
(explored Westfall)
A Donation of Wool (Exodar)
Report to Mountaineer Rockgar
A Dark Threat Looms p3
Daily Delivery
A Dark Threat Looms p4
Rogues Deck #7-#9
The Corruption Abroad
Humble Beginnings
(explored more of The Barrens) (20) (1d 11h 38m 23s /played)

3 comments: said...

Buying things that you would have to kill for normally is SO cheating. You might as well just group up and do instances or normal quests. Its the same thing.

Brian Westley said...

I disagree.

Sthsayer99 said...

Well yeah you would.