Monday, November 24, 2008

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More little things:

Phobomancer saw the new wowinsider article; he /beckoned me in Dalaran to indicate he read it.

Noor just hit 71, opening up a new quest "Planning For The Future," plus I found I can do a third Isle of Quel'danas quest, "Further Conversions" just like I did "Repurposed Technology," using my Gnomish remote to control a mechanical mob, get aggro, and be destroyed so I can reprogram it. Also, two of the quests increased XP significantly when done at level 71, adding 5600 XP for the Dalaran cooking daily, and 7450 XP for Spirits of Auchindoun. I can now get about 140,000 XP just from dailies, meaning I could go from level 71 to 72 in about 11 days, even if I did no other quests. I typically get about 1/5 of a level from new ordinary quests, so it's more like 9 days. And more dailies will be added as I get higher levels.

Noor got the Exploring title for exploring all the zones, so she is now Noor the Explorer until she can get the Salty title. There are two places high up on mountains in Storm Peaks that you normally can't explore until you can fly -- Frosthold and Temple of Storms. Luckily, I was able to climb around the mountains and get both of them that way.

Some thoughts on what is and isn't allowed as a pacifist:

I did the quest "Leave Nothing to Chance" where you blow up the upper and lower mine shafts of an Alliance mine taken over by undead (albeit under the influence of Soul Split:Evil). Nothing happens to the undead inside the mine anyway, there's just an explosion animation.

I did the quest "Rescue from Town Square", where you have to save villagers from geists who are holding them at bay in town buildings. First I tried drawing them off by grabbing aggro and running, but the villagers won't move. Then I tried leading the geists to the town guards, who killed them, but even though the villager would escape after the geist was killed, I didn't get credit. Finally, I hit each one with my spanner and ran to the guards, and that worked...

I did do one quest where I have to kill an NPC; "The Cleansing," where you have to kill an NPC that is your own inner turmoil -- yourself. I wielded my big iron fishing pole, equipped my Goblin Rocket Launcher and Arcanite Dragonling, and defeated myself easily. Yes, we were both whacking each other with fishing rods:

Finally, Wintergrasp is a lot of fun. Since I'm not using regular weapons and I don't get any XP, I'll play Wintergrasp for fun as a (mostly) non-pacifist.

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