Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New WowInsider article

I emailed wowinsider about hitting 70, so they did an updated article on Noor.

I can now do the daily quest Gaining the Advantage, since I dropped Grandmaster mining and releveled it back to just Master mining.

If any Maiev horde are reading this, sorry for stealing some of your group kills for March of the Giants, it's the only way I could do that quest...heh heh...


drak said...

great rolepaying idea - congrats on doing something fairly novel and very demanding.

and a female gnome for it - perfect choice.

might think about a similarly specific 'ethic' for a future alt to live by.

JaneLame said...

I just wanted to say I really admire what you do! This is a very nice and original project, and it's for a good cause too. Who says computer games have to be violent. Good luck and gz on the 70.

Scout said...

Hey you're famous now! I saw the article on Wowinsider this morning and almost leapt from my chair! I've been reading your blog for months, I think what you are doing is AWESOME! I've even tried to come up with my own "theme character" to level up, but I have so many characters that I haven't had time to work on them.

Grats on 70, can't wait to read that you've hit 80!

Anonymous said...

Gratz on 70! Once you hit 80, I'd like to see what end game content is for a pacifist.