Friday, November 7, 2008

Back to mining

With Wrath coming, and with Alliance now losing Alterac Valley regularly, I could use mining more than herbalism to get my engineering up with the new expansion. Fishing up Strange Engine Parts still appears to be the better way of getting XP, at least until the daily battleground earns a lot more than the 12,650 XP I get for each part I fish up. At level 68, WotLK already has one daily quest I can do for a lot of XP, and a new one opens up at 69. Once I hit 70, I hope the fishing and cooking dailies give XP instead of just gold and mats.

Update: grrr, according to changes at, those daily quests are now minimum level 70. There are a (very) few regular quests that a level 68 can do in Northrend, so it's probably back to fishing...

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