Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coopthar helps with The Chain Gun and You

Normally, in this quest you mow down ghouls so a soldier can make it from the back to the front and survive. Coopthar, a dwarven paladin who saw the wowinsider article on Noor hitting 70, offered to help so we both flew out to see if we could do this quest.

Noor was able to do this solo if another person was doing it (there are 2 guns on a side), because that kept the number of ghouls low enough so a frost grenade and a target dummy could do it, and half of the eight soldiers were saved that way.

This clip is Noor and Coopthar saving one soldier using a frost grenade and a target dummy from Noor, and Coopthar healing the soldier (pally bubble won't work on an NPC). Of course, the ghouls insisted on following us all the way up, so the other Alliance NPCs took them out...

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