Saturday, November 15, 2008

99 Strange Engine Parts, and Noor hits level 70

Wrath of the Lich King certainly helped Noor get to level 70 in no time. Fortunately, wowhead is wrong about the minimum levels needed for the dailies.

The bad news - Noor can't get the fun daily quest "The Way To His Heart," because you need to do the set-up quest mentioned where Big Roy is killed to make soap. I can't kill Big Roy, so I can't get this daily quest. I can get some of the other dailies, but so far a lot of them require killing something.

Also, Old Man Barlo's daily fishing quest outside Shattrath does not award any XP, just valuable prizes.

Now the good news. I can do these quests every day (XP is for a level 70):
Know Your Ley Lines (Isle of Quel'Danas daily, 12650 XP)
Open for Business (Isle of Q daily, 12650 XP)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12650 XP)
The Multiphase Survey (9500 XP)
Preparing For The Worst (Borean Tundra daily, 20300 XP)
Dalaran cooking daily (9500 XP) (I think I can do every one if the meat shows up on the AH)
Shattrath cooking daily (9500 XP) * 50% (I can do two of the four; I can also do a third, Super Hot Stew, if someone else has killed an Abyssal Flamekiller recently when I get to Blade's Edge Mountains, but Outland is pretty dead right now...of course, the first two dailies I got were Super Hot Stew, followed by the one I can't do, Revenge is Tasty)

That comes to about 82000 XP each day, which is a little over one XP bar, which means about 3 weeks per level, worst case.

Here are the quests Noor did to get from level 68 to 70:
Trouble at Auchindoun
Find Spy To'gun
The Soul Devices
The Flesh Lies...
A Not-So-Modest Proposal
Archmage Alturus
Arcane Disturbances
Drijya Needs Your Help
Surveying the Ruins
Dealing with the Foreman
The Hand of Gul'dan
The Path of Conquest
Sunfury Signets (scryer)
Tablets of Baa'ri (scryer)
(time to switch back to Aldor; do More Venom Sacs x 20 to get to neutral)
Marks of Kil'jaeden (Aldor)
Marks of Sargeras (Aldor)
A Cleansing Light (Aldor)
Restoring the Light (Aldor)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
(can't get Aldor version of Tablets of Baa'ri; I'm at "Oronus the Elder" with the Aldor, too)
Strange Engine Part (#93)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#94)
Strange Engine Part (#95)
AV (5 losses)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#96)
Strange Engine Part (#97)
(dropped herbalism, back to mining)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
(now 375 mining)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
Enraged Spirits of Fire and Earth (again I followed what appeared to be a hunter bot)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
(tried to solo Chamber of Secrets, could get to the door and open it, but I died)
Strange Engine Part (#98)
Strange Engine Part (#99)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12000 XP)
(installed WotLK)
Enlistment Day
A Time For Heroes
A Soldier In Need
Cultists Among Us
Notify Arlos
A Diplomatic Mission
Preparing For The Worst (20300 XP) (daily)
Hell Has Frozen Over...
The Dead Rise!
Elder Atuik and Kamagua
Grezzix Spindlesnap
Preparing For The Worst (20300 XP)
Street "Cred"
Fresh Legs
The Honored Ancestors
The Mechagnomes (missed Distress Call)
What's the Matter With the Transmatter? (69)
Dirty, Stinkin' Snobolds
Finding Pilot Tailspin
Spirits of Auchindoun (12300 XP)
Check In With Bixie
Forgotten Treasure
Gambling Debt (started it when a horde was talking to him, he became hostile to anyone, andother horde came along and beat him into surrender)
Jack Likes His Drink
(450 mining)
Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly
Monitoring the Rift: Sundered Chasm
Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern
One Size Does Not Fit All
King Mrgl-Mrgl
Learning to Communicate (was already dead, works even if someone else killed him)
Winterfin Commerce
Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!
I'm Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner
Preparing For The Worst (20300 XP)
Spirits of Auchindoun (12300 XP)
Daggercap Divin'
Trust is Earned
The Ransacked Caravan
Falcon Versus Hawk
There Exists No Honor Among Birds
Tools To Get The Job Done
We Can Rebuild It
See to the Operations
I've Got A Flying Machine!
Where Is Explorer Jaren?
(bought portal to Dalaran, set hearth there)
Learning to Leave and Return: the Magical Way
(explored more of Northrend) (70)


Paitaar said...

Big Congratulations!
Don't forget there are new dailies in Northrend too, at least one from Kalu'ak is pacifist too and available at 70
Have fun exploring the frozen north :)

Paitaar, via my main Euphorion

Anonymous said...

Yep, there is a kalu'ak daily in the borean tundra that just requires looting objects n the ground.

Brian Westley said...

Yes, that's "Preparing For The Worst," which is doable at least at level 68, not 70 like wowhead says. I edited the list to show it's a Borean Tundra daily.

seanlb said...

wow man, congrats. i've been following the blog for a while and it is nice to see you hit 70. keep up the good work!

Brian Westley said...

The Shattrath gathering quest "Gaining the Advantage" appears to be bugged; it might only allow miners/herbalists/skinners with master skill (and NOT grandmaster skill) to take the quest. In any case, I can't get it right now.

el said...

Congratulations on making 70. With all the WotLK launch chaos, I'd missed it.

WotLK has a lot of quests that do not involve killing anything. Unfortunately, like the Way to his Heart (perhaps the ultimate pacifist quest), many are trapped behind (often) long quest chains.

You should eventually be able to complete the other Tuskarr daily in Dragonblight, Planning for the Future. I'm less sure about the Argent Dawn daily "patrol" quests Zul'Drak (including the lag-test alchemy lab): Most do not require killing, but the I suspect the pre-quests do. Icecrown has several dailies - from climbing the mountain to the Saronite slaves. I think those have no pre-requiste. But the difficulty with Icecrown is that a lot of content is hidden (phased) until you have completed the early quest sequences.

Overall, I think you should progress quite smoothly through to 80: There are far more options available than battlegrounds and Strange Engine Parts.