Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mainchenn hits level 50

Here are the quests Mainchenn did to get from level 45 to 50 (/played is 13 days, 21 minutes):

Passing the Burden
An Easy Pickup
Signal for Pickup
What the Flux?
Arcane Runes
Return to Tymor
Snickerfang Jowls
To Serve Kum'isha
Everything Counts In Large Amounts
Let the Fires Come! (5550 XP)
Smash the Pumpkin
Let the Fires Come!
Smash the Pumpkin
Let the Fires Come!
Smash the Pumpkin
(explored The Hinterlands)
(explored Blasted Lands)
Demons Deck #24 (46)
The Sunken Temple
The Stone Circle
Into the Depths
Stop the Fires! (5800 XP)
Smash the Pumpkin
Sontara Stones p1 & p2
Dwarven Justice
Release Them
(explored Tanaris)
The Decisive Striker
The Basilisk's Bite
(explored Searing Gorge)
(explored Burning Steppes)
(explored Felwood)
Demons Deck #25 (47)
Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm
It's A Secret to Everybody p1 & p2
Un'goro Soil
Morrowgrain Research p1
It's A Secret to Everybody p3
Jonespyre's Request (the 1700 XP version from SW)
The Videre Elixir
Meet At The Grave
A Grave Situation
Linken's Sword
A Gnome's Assistance
Crystals of Power
The Northern Pylon
The Eastern Pylon
The Western Pylon
Making Sense of it
Morrowgrain Research p2
Linken's Memory
Kim'jael Indeed! (48)
Chasing A-Me 01 p1
(explored Un'Goro Crater)
Alien Ecology
Expedition Salvation
The Mystery of Morrowgrain
A Plague Upon Thee p1-p3
The Fare of Lar'korwi
Chasing A-Me 01 p2 & p3 (with unasked help by Taynthys, a BE hunter)
A Boar's Vitality
Dark Iron Legacy p1
Yuka Screwspigot (0 XP)
(explored Silithus)
(explored Winterspring)
(explored Azshara) (explored Kalimdor)
Demons Deck #26-#31 (49)
Roll the Bones
A Little Slime Goes A Long Way p1 (got the seldom-killed cursed oozes because a troll hunter was probably doing Testing for Corruption - Felwood)
(hit 400 cooking, 375 herbalism)
A Little Slime Goes A Long Way p2
Vulture's Vigor
Secret of the Circle
(explored Western Plaguelands)
(explored Eastern Plaguelands)
Death From Below
Screecher Spirits
(explored Deadwind Pass)
Demons Deck #32-#43
(explored part of Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, and areas adjacent to Shattrath) (50)

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