Saturday, November 28, 2009

Engineers (level 65+, except gnomes) can now float forever

Some recent changes in tinkered cloaks for engineers now makes it possible to stay floating as long as needed. Flexweave Underlay/Springy Arachnoweave now makes you float for 30 seconds (with a use cooldown of 1 minute), and you can swap out your cloak without losing the float effect. Since tinkered items don't share cooldowns (they might if they are identically named, I think), you can make a macro like this:

/use 15
/equip cloak1
/equip cloak2

Pressing this button activates whatever cloak you're wearing, and the two /equip statements will swap between the two cloaks. When your float effect is gone after 30 seconds, just re-activate it, because the 2nd cloak is ready.

Noor has already done this, but Mainchenn can't get over 375 engineering, and these tinkers require 380 engineering to make (only 350 to use, though). I can't have another engineer do it, because it will make the cloak soulbound (even though the description doesn't say the cloak will become soulbound...)

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