Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's cooking!

Hit level 52 doing the one-time quests and the "bonus" daily (the daily quests after 1 AM and before dailies reset), plus a few of the same dailies again. After doing the Winterspring quests that I can do at level 52, the remaining dailies should get me to level 53 on Friday. Not too bad. At level 54, I'll drop herbalism and inscription for mining/engineering, so I can do a few quests like the Spectral Chalice and turning in the druid book in Dire Maul, plus the zapthrottle quest in Zangarmarsh at level 58.

Cooking turkeys is tricky; since they are "conjured" items that only last 7 days (both the raw and cooked versions), I can't buy them off the auction house and I can't have my bank alt hunt some turkeys and mail them. I have to buy them directly off other players, or have a go-between to get turkeys from my bank alt to Mainchenn.

UPDATE: By doing a bit more Outland exploring, I can hit 53 on Thursday. I may also take up skinning to try and do the first part of Are We There, Yeti?, since I'm going to drop both my professions soon anyway.

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