Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cooking or Exploring

Mainchenn is again stalled at level 51.5 or so... Still no solid info on whether the Pilgrim's Bounty week will have quests that give you XP. If they do, I should be able to get a lot of XP with 5 dailies. If not, I think I'll have to explore most of Outland to hit 52 (I need to discover roughly 60 areas, and I have about 75 unexplored going by the Exploring achievements, which isn't an exhaustive list of XP-giving areas).

Demon Deck XP is now 1100, down from 1400, so it looks like Demon Decks will fall off as fast as the other decks. Swamp of Sorrows is ideal to grind Demon Decks when you're about level 47 or higher, since the mobs are gray or green, the area is mostly flat, and Blindweed is all over, which is also the best herb to mill for Demon cards, since they have the highest yield of rare pigments.


El said...

I'll check the XP in a moment, but a brief update:

Events are outside each Azeroth city.

All 5 dailies are available each day, but it seems like you have to complete some of them (or perhaps some of the non-dailies) before they all open up. Keep in mind that the event goes live at 01:00, so if you are quick, you can get a full set done before 03:00 on the first day. But don't hang about. It takes almost 2 hours to run through everything.

Recipes are purchased from vendors in a set. From memory 280 cooking was the highest.

All the ingredients except Turkeys are purchased from vendors outside cities. But each city sells a different set. Basic strategy involves visiting all cities and grabbing everything you can carry. Multiple stacks. You'll need far more of everything than first appears.

Turkeys need to be farmed in Elywnn Forest (unsure of Horde version). However, the Turkinator achievement is a real pain... so lots of people will likely have spare turkeys, and they appear to be tradeable.

El said...

Experience from both the regular and the daily Pilgrim quest I completed. Got 924 for each at level 23, which is such an odd number I assume it scales.