Wednesday, July 8, 2009


After a few failed attempts, I finally managed to escort Skywing safely. Skywing took out the other mobs before Luanga showed up, and the next bit was really lucky -- my Renew on Skywing had Luanga come after me for a bit, but by running back to the other bird tower, I got out of combat! Every time I healed Skywing or got damaged (storm/lightning), I would go into combat, but I would go out of combat almost immediately. This allowed me to drink during the fight to keep my mana up and keep healing Skying. The two of them also fought straight across the bridge, so Skywing always fell back onto the bridge (instead of onto the ground) by Luanga's knockback effect. The whole thing took about 45 minutes.

Here's Reinisch with his new pet Miniwing and wearing his new green Mechbuilder's Overalls
Reinisch and Miniwing