Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kibler's Exotic Pets

I couldn't think of a way to solo this until I remembered the platform that Vaelen is on (the guy who gives out the Seal of Ascension quest). That platform is high enough for me to zip over to the Ogres using my rocket boots. An invisibility potion and my cloaking device did the rest:


Jesse said...

Hey, been a reader for a while. I wanted to give you kudos on keeping it going and blazing a trail for pacifist characters.

I looked around and mostly inspired by your characters decided to make my own. I saw that Lintilla had the same idea as I did, leveling to the cap without hurting anyone or anything. I'm just at the point where Lintilla left off, lvl 21.

I look forward to new posts in the future. Keep up the good work.

Jesse said...

This name url links directly to the Carlah post on my blog.

Pazi said...

@Jesse: Look up my latest post what I did to level from 21 to 25.

@Brian: Maybe I remember wrong but isn't that the guy who gives you the quest which was necessary to get the key (ring) to UBRS? But you have to kill 3 bosses to complete the quest and later the dragon, so why bother?

Pazi said...

Ah ignore that last bit, I overlooked that it was about the wolf-pet.