Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ach du lieber!

Somehow, Reinisch's YouTube video of him soloing Taretha's Diversion got picked up in Germany in some major way, and as of this writing has been viewed 11,859 13,725 times (it went up as I edited this).

Google even shows that it was, for a time, among the top 10 viewed movies (but as the summary is in German, it seems to be a German top 10):

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    Platz 8: Reinisch the Pacifist doing quest: Taretha´s Diversion Video abspielen. Reinisch the Pacifist doing quest: Taretha´s Diversion ...
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  • Again, via google, the boost in traffic seems to have been from http://news.deine-community.net

    Plus, I just noticed that Reinisch is now two years old!

    Update: Thanks to comments, I now know it's from http://wow.buffed.de/news/11250/wow-leveln-ohne-monstertoeten, a German-language WoW site. If you can't read German, here's a babelfish translation


    Anonymous said...

    Hi I'm a Swiss Warcraft Player from the Server Kil'Jaeden (EU). I guess i know why your Vid is so popular at the moment.
    It's because its been postest in the News section on one of the German Warcraft Community's Major Websites: www.Buffed.de

    This is the News Post as Mentioned before:

    PS: Awesome Rocketbooting! ;-)

    Twan said...

    Yeah I saw this on www.Buffed.de as well