Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Day at Blackrock

Managed to do a number of Blackrock quests:

Attunement to the Core was pretty easy, jumping out the window just before the big door, going down to the black anvil, and some lava jumping to the bridge. The only tricky part was getting past the 3 fire elementals on the bridge, which I did by going up the steps towards the dwarf room and using my rocket boots + levitation to jump over them.

Reinisch did The Spectral Chalice to learn how to smelt dark iron, but the quest itself was unexpectedly gray and resulted in less than 900 XP. It was still fun to do:

Mother's Milk was easier than expected:

En-Ay-Es-Tee-Why, the quest to gather 15 spider eggs, was about the same as Mother's Milk, but I didn't bother to use invisibility potions, I just ran past the orcs, feared them, and opened one or two egg sacs before dying and grinding out 15 that way (with occasional dungeon resets).

Here's the proof:

Reinisch and smolderweb hatchling

I'm not sure if Reinisch can do Kibler's Exotic Pets...

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