Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reinish gets a horse

Reinisch finally hit 30 and got a mount. Since Ahimsah is already level 31, it looks like there are enough quests (like Green Hills of Stranglethorn) to make it to 31, or nearly so. I haven't done much questing with him lately apart from battlegrounds, concentrating more on Noor.


Anonymous said...

Hey- if I actually get a chance to run into you anytime soon I can let you know about any quests you might not have found. Basically though, there's almost enough quests to get to 32. I'm still doing level 30 quests at 31.

Also, "Deathstalkers in Shadowfang" possible and solo-able at 29. Use whatever comes in handy to get up to the landing at the top of the stairs above the prison (I just bubbled) then use the cloaking device to get out of combat. There are no mobs on the landing, and you can take a minute to switch trinkets or eat. Then you just have to jump down to the cells, throw the switch and talk to Adamant and toss a target dummy to keep the boss busy while you run to wait by the door. Then you jump down and talk to Vincent to complete the quest.
I'm actually wondering if we can't find a way to get to the Book of Ur, but it's all the way by Fenrus. I have Divine Intervention now so we have more than one way to get out of combat.

See you soon hopefully. Good luck with Noor!

31 Paladin, Venture Co.

Anonymous said...

Instead lieu of "Wrath of Stuck at Character Login Screen," here is a list of quests that Ahimsah has been up to lately. Reinish may want to do these if he hasn't yet.

lvl 29:
(last few before she leveled)
-Henchman Valik
-Deathstalkers in Shadowfang
-Elixir of Agony

lvl 30:
-Alliance Relations
-Regthar Dethgate/The Kolkar of Desolace
-Kodo Roundup
-Draenethyst Crystals
-The Lost Report
-Inspecting the Ruins
-The Black Shield
-Lieutenant Paval Reethe
-Parts for Kravel/Wharfmaster Dizzywig/Delivery to the Gnomes/The Rumormonger
-Neeka Bloodscar/ Report to Helgrum
-Gnome Engineering/Pledge of Secrecy/Show Your Work

lvl 31:
-The Vile Reef
-The Green Hills of Stranglethorn
-Clam Bait
-The Severed Head/ The Troll Witchdoctor

Failed Quests:
-Solution to Doom
-Questioning Reethe

Also, there are some I haven't gotten to yet.


Brian Westley said...

Thanks for the list! I'll try to do some soon. Noor is nearly 66 already, and I'd like to see if she can get to 68 when Wrath comes out, which is the minimum quest level in the starting areas.