Saturday, October 11, 2008


Noor just hit level 65, doing just the Spirits of Auchindoun daily quest, and Alterac Valley if it's the battleground daily for the last couple of weeks. I think I'll get more XP bars per hour fishing for Strange Engine Parts and saving them for after the patch, because each engine part will be worth 1.7 times a BG daily win, and some dailies can take over an hour to get a win. With probably 3 days left to patch day, Noor has 19 engine parts in the bank, which will get her exactly halfway to level 66 all by themselves, assuming you need 475,000 XP as on the current Public Test Realm. She has already done most of the new quests she can do at level 65, but likewise will not turn them in until after the patch.

Here are a few screen captures of some past milestones:

Level 23, mining a rich thorium vein in the Bay of Storms in Azshara
Level 24, above Silithus to get to AQ gate opening
(but she got the lowbie auto-teleport to IF when she got too close)
Level 27, learns Master Mining at Honor Hold
Level 29, mining fel iron
Level 29, mining adamantite
Level 39, mining khorium
Level 39, fishing in Allerian Stronghold
Level 42, Hammer of Expertise from blacksmithing
Level 61, fishing in Lake Ere'Noru
Level 64, entering Naxxramas before it leaves for Northrend

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