Friday, October 17, 2008

Changing my 2nd profession (again)

Noor will always be an engineer, but she has had many 2nd professions:
(note: I corrected level 34)

Level   5: Mining and Engineering

Level 30: Took Gnomish Engineering, made Battle Chicken (and death ray, never used)

Level 30: Dropped Engineering, took up Jewelcrafting, made solid statues, Black Pearl Panther + Golden Hare trinkets

Level 30: Dropped Jewelcrafting, took up Engineering again, went Goblin (so I can make Goblin Rocket Boots)

Level 34: Dropped Engineering, took up Skinning, saved up some leather

Level 34: Dropped Skinning, took up Leatherworking to do Wild Leather quests

Level 35: Dropped Leatherworking, took up Goblin Engineering

Level 41: Dropped Mining, took up Alchemy, did quest Elixirs for the Bladeleafs

Level 41: Dropped Alchemy, took up Blacksmithing for quest line

Level 43: Dropped Blacksmithing, took up Mining

Level 60: Dropped Mining for Tailoring (for Netherweave Nets in battlegrounds)

Level 65: Dropped Tailoring for Herbalism (for Lifeblood self-healing spell)

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