Saturday, February 9, 2008

Quest: Sunken Treasure (part 1)

I was afraid Noor at level 36 would never be able to do the first part of Sunken Treasure, because when my paladin did it a few months ago at level 41, I had to fight off about 5 waves made up of two level 40 elementals.

As it turns out, the fight is really about keeping the two level 40 elementals off Professor Phizzlethorpe (the gnome NPC), and more are spawned only if you kill them and are still in the cave. Pulling them out allows the gnome to finish with only the two original elementals.

However, grabbing aggro proved to be a problem; they appear and head right for Phizzlethorpe, and he starts fighting back, so I kept failing. I tried using a compact harvest reaper, and even tried my own 5-man group (reaper, exploding sheep, battle chicken, and mechanical dragonling), but that failed, too. I eventually decided to try a Goblin Sapper Charge, because that's an instant bomb effect (even though it also damages me).

That grabbed the aggro, and it turned out to be very easy after that.

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