Monday, February 4, 2008

35 and 315 engineering max

Well, Noor made it to level 35 in a very strange way; by dropping engineering and doing the wild leatherworking quest sequence. Of course, that takes a bunch of turtle scales, and some higher-level leather items that she didn't want to skill up to get before dropping leatherworking and going back to engineering, so she offered to pay people for turtle scales instead of waiting for them to appear on the auction house. I did this over the weekend, and saved about two and a half weeks of battleground quests to make it to 35. Thanks to Cooliyo, Ratchetx, and Ving for help with the scales and LW items.

Unfortunately, that means she doesn't know how to make Flash Bombs anymore, and the goblin in Badlands won't tell her again, so she'll have to rely on friends like Wildbill until the schematic shows up in the auction house someday. Plus, of course, she'll need to jump into Gnomeregan again to re-re-learn how to make a Discombobulator Ray.

She also unintentionally killed a few murlocs by Menethil Harbor by trying to use her Battle Chicken to distract them so she could skill up her lockpicking. Turns out the chicken (level 48 with Noor's 240 engineering) can take out a lot of level 20ish murlocs, and the chicken doesn't have an off switch...

Plus, as already noted, Noor accidentally punched a basilisk in Terrokar while on a naked mining run, so her unarmed skill is now 2. From now on, she keeps her fishing rod equipped, even when naked mining.

Level 35 allows Noor to get 315 engineering (level 63 combat pets) and first aid up to 300 to use netherweave bandages (if I can buy them or get someone to make them). She can make some good money by fishing for Skullfish in Deadwind Pass, and she won't miss 75% of casts the way she did when her fishing was capped at 225 (+132 with fishing gear)

She has Rocket Boots Xtreme in the bank, waiting for level 50, and once I grind her engineering to 315 and get a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor made for her, I'm seriously thinking about dropping mining and switching to tailoring so I can get 300 tailoring and use netherweave nets in BGs...

Here are the quests Noor did to get from level 30 to 35:
Gnome Engineering
The Pledge of Secrecy
Show Your Work
(respecced to get Preparation)
Ironband Wants You!
(Went Gnomish, made battle chicken, death ray)
Find Agmond
Green Hills of Stranglethorn (all)
Bad Medicine
(JC for solid statues, black pearl panther trink, golden hare trinket)
(drop JC for engineering)
Reclaimers' Business in Desolace.
Vahlarriel's Search (#1 & #2)
Pearl Diving
This Old Lighthouse
James Hyal (missed SW cook and smilin jim's part)
Supplies to Private Thorsen
Malin's Request
Arathor's Basic Care Package
Encrypted Letter (31)
Hints of a new Plague? #1
Letter to Stormpike
Further Mysteries
Wharfmaster Dizzywig
Parts for Kravel
Delivery to the Gnomes
Inspecting the Ruins
The Orc Report
Captain Vimes
The Black Shield #1
Suspicious Hoofprints
Reethe's Badge
Lt. Paval Reethe
Daelin's Men
The Black Shield #2,#3
The Rumormonger
Help Watcher Biggs
The Lost Supplies
Draenethyst Crystals
Vahlarriel's Search
The Karnitol Shipwreck #1
Kodo Roundup
The Karnitol Shipwreck #2 (32)
Krazek's Cookery
The Haunted Isle
Favor for Krazek
Return to Corporal Kaleb
Stormwind Library
Stone of the Tides
Traitors Among Us
Propaganda War
Discrediting the Deserters
The End of the Deserters (dummy, dragonling and chicken w/my big iron fishing rod easily defeated Greyshield, who is lvl 38 to my 32 (but my pets are level 48)
A Disturbing Development
The Ensorcelled Parchment
Stormpike's Deciphering
Jungle Secrets
Bookie Herod
The Hidden Key
The Spy Revealed!
Patrol Schedules
Report to Doren
(explored Desolace, some of Feralas, and a bit more of Arathi Highlands) (33)
Barbecued Buzzard Wings
Reclaimed Treasures
Morgan Stern
Raptor Captor
Unleash the Raptors
The Deserters #1 and #2
A Grim Connection
Tabetha's Assistance
Raze Direhorn Post!
Justice for the Hyals
Peace At Last
Bone Collector (34)
(almost no quests; need 17 BG dailies for level 35, about 34 days)
AB (5 losses, 1 win) 3100 XP
WSG (5 losses, 1 win) 3100 XP
Brother Anton
(accidentally hit a basilisk while mining naked in Terrokar, unarmed skill went to 2)
WSG (6 losses)
Mythology of the Titans
(got Discombobulator Ray schematic in Gnomer again)
WSG (3 losses, 1 win) 3100 XP
(12 more BG dailies)
AB (1 win) 3100 XP
Bodyguard for Hire
AB (5 losses)
AB (1 win) 3100 XP
WSG (1 loss, 1 win) 3100 XP
The Hermit of Swamplight Manor
(dropped engineering, took up skinning (only skinning what I found), farmed some leather, dropped skinning for LW, got up to 200 LW)
Wild Leather Armor
Wild Leather Shoulders
Wild Leather Helmet
Wild Leather Vest
Wild Leather Boots
Wild Leather Leggings (35) thanks to cooliyo and ratchetx and ving


Psychedelic Pantheist said...

World of Warcraft = Virtual Crack.

Lets examine the similarities:

1.)Both can be expensive.

O.K., maybe WoW is cheaper than crack, but it can be pretty expensive. $15 dollars a month can add up, especially if you go a while without playing and forget about your account. Not to mention the amount of time spend playing the game. This opportunity cost can be staggering, as you could have spend your time working and making money instead of playing video games.

2.)Both are highly addicting.

Maybe not so much physically, although thats desputable, but definitely psychologically. Have you ever thought about the game when you not playing it? Do you daydream about the game? Do you get anxious when your not playing WoW? I can honeslty say yes to these questions, and I would guess many others would too. Crackheads are the same way. They constantly crave, daydream, and desire the drug.

3.)Both can harm your social life.

By which I mean your "real life" social life, not your friendship with fellow guild members.

Brian Westley said...

And here I thought Magic: The Gathering was crack for gamers... Got a Black Lotus on ya?

Jason said...

Don't listen to them, Brian. Have you successfully gone through any of the missions WITHOUT killing anybody???

lovely_bones said...

This is such an awsome concept!!! Leveling without killing... I play on lightning hoof, Megdiwen Tauren Druid. I also play Magic the Gathering and I think that both have worked out fine for my social life :) I have LAN parties at my house once a month, and we do Magic draft tournaments at work once a month. Keep up the good work!!

Cleopas said...

The only thing that really competes with Warcraft as far as entertainment time goes, is blogging.
Looks like you have the same damn problem too. This blog is really cutting into my WoWtime.

artsy_blogger3196 said...

is the guild on any other servers, because i'm on wildhammer, and i've never

Platypus Platoon said...

"Noor accidentally punched a basilisk in Terrokar while on a naked mining run."

Perhaps the greatest out-of-context quote from a blog, ever.

Platypus Platoon said...

Okay, I loved that quote so much I'm using it as the title for my new blog. Hope you don't mind! :)

Regan said...

I absolutely love this :D. Brave of you guys to attempt this. =P

Canadian Girl said...

Ahhh I love WoW. I have a level 60 on the Llane server and I have a level 40 something on Agewynn.


The Age of Cabello said...

Second Skin. a movie about online gamers coming out.
I hope to get married through this game.