Saturday, February 2, 2008


Peacewalker has reached level 10 and is now listed on the armory. As a druid, he can't complete the druid quest sequence to learn bear form (Body and Heart) without killing Lunaclaw unless he happens to find the spirit of Lunaclaw after another druid has recently completed the quest, as the real goal of the quest is to talk to the spirit.


Anonymous said...

are you in the relm zangamarsh if so i think i saw you in STV at Booty bay you can find my char as Dogiscool (one word)

Brian Westley said...

No, Reinisch and Peacewalker are on The Venture Co realm and Noor is on Maiev.

Chro said...

Wow. I used to have fun playing Diablo II as a naked sorceress (using no equipment), but this looks far more painful.

As someone who plays a druid, I'm willing to visit venture company and help Peacewalker out, since I think bear form's bash would be mighty useful, particularly since it's impossible to level up your feral attack skill. I could help him reach Lunaclaw's spirit, easing her on through... erm... natural causes while he happens to be in the area.

blazeoo said...

that is cool my guy on wow his name is bazeoo id like to start playing with Peace.

Dale Culp said...

Brian, I was hoping to contact you but I can't find an email address. I'm interested in writing a story about pacifism in WoW and wanted to get some of your input.

Please get back to me via email.

Thank you!

Dale Culp said...

sorry... My email address is

You can delete these comments if you'd like, I just needed some way of contacting you.