Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reinisch hits level 70

Doing a few more AVs to get to 70, so now Reinisch can do 10-12 dailies (depending on whether he can do the Shattrath cooking daily (50%) or the daily Battleground (now includes Strand of the Ancients, which Reinisch can't do yet)).

The quests he can do now:
Spirits of Auchindoun
The Multiphase Survey
Gaining the Advantage (now fixed! Works for grandmaster gathering skill)
Open for Business
Know Your Ley Lines
Further Conversions
Shattrath fishing daily
Shattrath cooking daily (50%)
Preparing For The Worst
Dalaran cooking daily
Dalaran fishing daily
Battleground daily (80% or maybe 66% if the new BG is also a daily)

He can also try to buy up waterlogged recipes and sealed vials of poison from the Dalaran fishing rewards for more XP. I managed to buy 7 vials of poison before hitting 70 (which is when you can start turning them in).

The best thing added in the patch for pacifist PvP is the Mind Amplification Dish; it acts pretty much like the lower-level Mind Control Cap, but since it's a tinkered item, you can create a number of helms with the ability and they all have separate 10-minute cooldowns! Reinisch and Noor will probably have 3 or 4 each, great for grabbing back flags. I don't know if it can work while in combat, the tooltip doesn't say; old Mind Control Caps used to work in combat but they were changed later. If they work in combat, so much the better -- tell the enemy flag carrier to follow you and use rocket boots to bring them back to your base. As long as they don't misfire...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 70! I will have to come out of retirement for a few minutes to visit if you have another party for turning 80.
Gardening is doing well, except for snail invasions.

Ahimsah, The Pacifist