Monday, August 17, 2009

My Questlog Runneth Over

Reinisch hit level 74, and with the Troll Patrol sequence, he might have more than 25 daily quests.

He has a 50% chance of being able to do the Shattrath cooking quest
He has a 66% chance of being able to do all of Troll Patrol (6 quests total, including the timed bonus); if he can't, he can still do 2 of them.

If all daily quests are available, Reinisch will have 28 to choose from. The average XP for all 6 Troll Patrol quests at level 74 is 12,350 XP each. Reinisch has three quests worth less than that -- the Shattrath fishing daily (and I just got the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat) which is worth 0 XP, The Multiphase Survey (9,500 XP), and Further Conversions (9,500 XP). So I'll drop those if I can do all of Troll Patrol, and I'll still do the Multiphase Survey if I can't do the Shattrath cooking daily. I won't miss Further Conversions, as it takes 3 minutes for my Gnomish Remote Control to cool down, and every malfunction adds 3 more minutes. I don't remember what I get for the Blade's Edge dailies, I'll drop the Ray Wrangling if it isn't very much once I get low on Saronite Bombs (I have a lot in the bank from leveling up engineering).

UPDATE: Noor can get these same dailies, but looking at, they used to be behind some other group quest chain that neither one could complete, so it looks like it was changed by a recent patch.

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