Monday, August 24, 2009

Flying AND bandages

Reinisch hit 77, so now he can fly in Northrend (albeit still a slow roflcopter).

What is more interesting is that he did the Troll Patrol quest Can You Dig It? and one of the chests had the heavy frostweave manual! Blizzard apparently changed the contents in a recent patch, since only lists BC items as coming from the chests. I don't know the drop rate, maybe Noor should try this quest a few times...


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Brian! Are you a "gamer?" LOL. I was reading thru the blog and realized you must be into a game. (I'm horrible at games & the only one I ever play is Sims! Don't laugh!)

Just wanted to drop by the blog and check it out. So, let me go read some more posts & see if I can figure it out. Later.