Monday, December 8, 2008

The skinny on cheating

Well, after trying to skill up skinning on Saturday morning/afternoon by only skinning found corpses for eight hours and getting to a skill level of just 77, I decided I had to get out my Deathknight to create some corpses (Maiev is still a pretty low population server). I only cheated in the old world until Noor was at 300 skinning. She needed to be at least 365 skinning (plus her +5 skinning enchant) to skin the Jormungar Tunnelers, which are level 73 and 74. She got from 300 to 365 in Outland without more cheating, as there were a lot of DKs out killing beasts and my fast roflcopter made it fairly easy.

I was right that doing Soft Packaging would open up three more quests that I could do: Something That Doesn't Melt, Lumber Hack, and Hard to Swallow, which I could do by ninjaing pieces when Horde players were doing the quest.

Since I still can't take a grandmaster gathering skill without losing the still-buggy Gaining the Advantage daily, I decided to drop skinning and take up herbalism, and got that up high enough not to miss a daily.

Now Noor is level 73, and FIVE more quests have opened up! Pieces Parts, Life or Death, Shredder Repair, Smoke 'Em Out, and Riding the Red Rocket (which I figured was OK for me to do because the boat only contains munitions, no people). This should get enough XP per day to go up a level every week, without counting non-daily quests.


Anonymous said...

I see that Reinisch has taken a sojourn into some mountains somewhere to meditate.

Here's a list of Horde Quests for lvl 31-39, starting where the last list I posted left off. Along with these I also did the Hallow's End dailies, 'Trick or Treating,' battleground dailies, several Mages Decks, and some exploring.

lvl 31
-The Corrupter (just part to talk to questgiver)
-Stinky's Escape

lvl 32
-Family Tree
-The Hermit of Witch Hill
-Catch of the Day
-Seek out Tabetha
-Gizelton Caravan

lvl 33
-Bone Collector
-Barbecued Buzzard Wings

lvl 34
-Galen's Escape
-Get me out of Here!

lvl 35
-Coolant Heads Prevail
-Gyro... What?
-Liquid Stone
-Little Morsels
-Secure the Cargo!
-Delivery for Drazzit
-Deep Sea Salvage
-Sunken Treasure (whole chain)
-The Zeppelin Crash
-Horde Trauma
-To Gadgetzen You Go!
-Clamlette Surprise
-You Too Good

lvl 37
-The Bloodsail Buccaneers
-Cortello's Riddle (whole chain)

lvl 38
-A threat in Feralas
-Pool of Tears (and some follow up quests)
-Gordunni Cobalt
-The Gordunni Scroll
-Errand for Apothecary Zinge
-Into the Field
-Slake the Thirst

There is a chain of Blacksmithing Quests from Omosh in Orgrimmar that require level 32 and 150 Blacksmithing. They go grey at 40.
Having not saved up quite enough ore to get to 150 blacksmithing after using my stores to level jewel crafting to 290, I had to pay pretty dearly for some crummy stacks of copper and bronze bars to do these quests. (Hooray for Deathknights!) Fortunately, fish that can easily be caught at Vengeance Landing were also selling for more than they should be worth. Also, amazingly, lobsters from Azshara were selling for fifty gold a stack for about a week.

And here's some more I've found but haven't done:
-Scourge of the Downs/Extinquishing the Idol
-Reclaimed Treasure
-Unclaimed Baggage
-Death from Below (I've tried this a couple of times, and want to see if it will work by preventing the Naga from getting in combat with the pirates... they killed me.)
-Necklace Recovery
-Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern

Good luck to Noor!

Brian Westley said...

Thanks! Yes, I've hardly been logged in on Reinisch lately...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Noor fine on her way to 80, I'm sure that mark will recieve some interest. There are some nonviolent daily quests in Zul'drak for Argent Dawn too, though I don't know if they have prequests that involve killing.
I'm a bit stuck with Paitaar, resortet to some battleground dailies and the AB flag cap quest, since there is hardly anything else at 29. Swords Decks are expensive for 500XP each, I'll hope for some XP at Winter Veil. Thanks for the list Ahimsah, several of these quests are for Alliance available too.