Tuesday, December 2, 2008

See? More skinner!

Level 72 opened up some quests that I could do in rather creative ways...

No Place to Run, while not a very pacifistic quest (since you're helping Serinar set up a trap to slaughter all the cultists), I was able to do with more help from Coopthar the paladin, healing the crystal until it was fully charged. The crystal aggros mobs, so my earlier tries using a target dummy wouldn't distract them long enough. But the joke's on Serinar -- cultists can still chase me beyond the limit where the destructive ward is supposed to stop them.

A similar quest, Mystery of the Infinite, has me and my future level 80 self defend an Hourglass of Eternity from dragon mobs. I wielded my Big Iron Fishing Pole and my future self (who apparently has given up pacifism) was able to take on all the mobs long enough to finish the quest, while I just healed and blinded.

Finally, after thinking I had done all the quests I could get from the goblins in north-central Dragonblight, I found out that I could do Shaved Ice entirely by mining Crystalline Ice Elemental corpses that other players left (in my case, a Blood Elf death knight)... and this brings me to my next weekend project.

The next quest in that chain is Soft Packaging, which can be done entirely by skinning Jormungar Tunnelers left by other players. Doing this quest will open up Something That Doesn't Melt, and possibly Hard to Swallow (if I can pick up pieces created by other players) and/or Lumber Hack.

In order to continue to do Gaining the Advantage, I'll need to drop mining and get my skinning up high enough to avoid missing a day. I think on Saturday morning after doing Gaining the Advantage with mining, I'll switch to skinning. This will give me nearly two days to get my skinning up to at least 285 so I can skin the lowest-level (58) Hellfire Peninsula mobs using +5 skinning gloves by Sunday night. Then I can get my skinning up until I can do Soft Packaging, which I can do with just Master skinning in case Gaining the Advantage is still bugged and won't give the quest to Grandmasters.

After that, I think I'll just go right to Herbalism. Death Knights made releveling mining difficult since many of them seem to have blacksmithing/mining, so Herbalism (with +10 gloves) should be faster to level the next weekend.

I'll try to skill up skinning legitimately (by only skinning found corpses), but if I really have to, I can get out my death knight and create some...

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