Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Green Day (lies)

Hitting level 76 has turned the old level 70 daily quests green, which reduces the XP by 14,000 each day (including the Shattrath cooking daily, which I can't always do anyway). I've done all the Sholazar Basin quests that I can do, and the dailies are still not available. El of El's Anglin' left a comment on my previous post that some new pacifistic dailies should open up at level 77. Until then, I think I'll try to maximize my XP by skipping the fishing daily (0 XP) and re-doing the Troll Patrol daily to do the Alchemist's Apprentice four extra times (five if I can't do the Shattrath cooking daily that day). That will keep my total number of dailies to 25 per day (in case the Troll Patrol trick is considered an exploit) and get me the most XP each day. Of course, if I can't do all the Troll Patrol subquests, I'll just substitute six more Alchemist's Apprentice quests.

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Paitaar said...

To my main the Sholazar dailies only opened after the questline (which involves killing). I fear El is right with only those three Icecrown quests available to you. Slaves to Saronite will be a bit long winded since you need to use vanish.

On another note, PvP dailies suck, even if Paitaar is 29 and can heal, but we usually start at 5:15 players or similar disadvantage. I'll rather try Essential Artificials, got Bluelead Tubers and More Green Glow already