Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Plateau at level 23

At level 23, I finally hit my first major XP plateau. There aren't very many quests left for me to do; right now I have:

In Search of Thaelrid
Knowledge in the Deeps
The Only Cure is More Green Glow
Digging Through the Ooze

The first two are in Blackfathom Deep, Green Glow is in Gnomeregan, and I don't think I can do Ooze via pickpocketing, but I'm going to try (there's at least one rogue quest where you can PP oozes for quest drops and also kill them for quest drops, so it's possible I could get whatshername's bag by pickpocketing oozes...)

There's a quest I haven't picked up yet in Forest Song, and one I might be able to get by pickpocketing Gruff Swiftbite, a rare spawn near Hogger. I've PP'd him a few times, but no gold schedule yet...

So, I've respecced from Subtlety to Combat so I can get 2 points in Improved Sprint and 2 in Endurance, which will help in WSG and AB. I've also gotten a net-o-matic, cloaking device, parachute cloak, mind control cap, rocket helmet, harm prevention belt, minor recombobulator (which I can make) and gnomish rocket boots (with slight speed increase enchant). I also picked up a pair of Swift Boots for only 1 gold in the AH (which I can't wear until level 35); I put speed increase enchant on them, too. I still want to get the discombobulator ray schematic (I have the delta card, but Gnomer is too dangerous I think).

The Charred Vale in Stonetalon Mountains is the absolute best place for a self-twinking lowbie to mine. Mithril and truesilver nodes, and most are far enough out on the edges to not aggro mobs. My mining is 247, I could mine small thorium veins. There's one in Felwood near the Ashenvale border that I might try to get, or, since I drowned myself off the coast of EPL so I could res at Light's Hope Chapel (to get to Ghostlands for more exploring XP), I could fly to Light's Hope and maybe find a node.

Here are the quests I've done to get from level 20 to 23:
Stonegear's Search
Search for Incendicite
The Day After
Mathias and the Defias
Klaven's Tower
The Touch of Zanzil #1,#2, #3
Speaking of Fortitude
The Touch of Zanzil #4
Brother Paxton
Ink Supplies
Rethban Ore
Return to Kristoff
Supplies from Darkshire
Dusky Crab Cakes
Look to the Stars #1 & #2
Ghost Hair Thread
Return the Comb
Return to Jitters
Deliver the Thread
Sven's Revenge
Sven's Camp
Zombie Juice
The Shadowy Figure
The Shadowy Search Continues (21)
Inquire at the Inn
Finding the Shadowy Figure
Return to Sven
Seasoned Wolf Kabobs
Bathran's Hair
The Ancient Statuette
Orendil's Cure
Elune's Tear
The Ruins of Stardust
Tinkmaster Overspark
(level mining until 175 (mithril), get mithril in Stonetalon, get engineering
to 225 (240 max) and get a parachute cloak made; can wear my gnomish
rocket boots now, too).
In Search of the Excavation Team #1
The Greenwarden
In Search of the Excavation Team #2
(swam to EPL and got to Ghostlands, explored) (22)
Murloc Poachers
Redridge Goulash
The Legend of Stalvan #1,#2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9
A Watchful Eye
Looking Further
The Legend of Stalvan #10, #11, #12, #13, #14
A Helping Hand
Report from the Northern Front
The Third Fleet
(explored southern Barrens, some of 1k Needles, and a bit of STV) (23)

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