Tuesday, November 20, 2007

70 is doable - grinding XP

The daily battleground quests give experience points, and they're repeatable, so level 70 is definitely doable. I've done the Warsong Gulch daily quest twice, once at level 14 for 975 XP, and level 15 for 1050 XP. Of course, I end up getting honor kills as part of the raid group, but I can't really avoid this. Reinisch can also start leveling up again, using BG quests when his quest log dries up.

My timing seems to be good; not only do I get more XP per quest and less XP needed to level from the 2.3 changes, I also managed to explore the horde starting areas (except for the Blood Elves, which I'll do soon) before the zeppelin had hostile crews. And with Zul'Aman a new instance there, I ought to be able to find a warlock in a group that is willing to summon me, so I can explore the BE starting areas without losing XP by going through EPL at a low level.

The marked questgivers on the minimap, and the 'quest' category in the auction house also are a big help. I had to level up my fishing a little bit to complete The Family And The Fishing Pole quest, and assuming I hit level 70, the de rigeur offhand for an Alliance character would be Old Crafty.

The quests I completed to get from level 10 to 15 were:

Coming of Age
Deeprun Rat Roundup
Me Brother, Nipsy
Stormpike's Order
Westfall Stew #1
Report to Gyran Stoutmantle
Goretusk Liver Pie
(swam to Booty Bay, boat to Ratchet)
Winds in the Desert
(explore Durotar, Mulgore, Tirisfal Glade) (11)
Westfall Stew #2
Poor Old Blanchy
The Forgotten Heirloom
Keeper of the Flame
Humble Beginnings
Stormpike's Delivery (12)
Filthy Paws
The Relics of Wakening
The Apple Falls
Destiny Calls
Seek out SI: 7
Snatch and Grab
Road to Salvation
Simple Subterfugin'
Onin's Report
Honor Students
Ride to Ironforge
Gryth Thurden
Return to Brock
Elekks Are Serious Business
The Kessel Run (13)
A Favorite Treat
Catch and Release
What Argus Means To Me
Learning From The Crystals
The Missing Survey Team
Know Thine Enemy
Explorer's League, Is That Something For Gnomes?
Pilfered Equipment
(got 290 XP by accident in group, will not do 2nd part of samophlange to lose 490 XP)
Mac'Aree Mushroom Menagerie
Ironband's Excavation
Find Bingles
Excavation Progress Report
Report to Ironforge (14)
Powder to Ironband
Resupplying the Excavation
After the Ambush
Protecting the Shipment (I used a dummy as a distraction, and bandaged Miran, but didn't fight)
Bingles Missing Supplies
Trouble in Darkshore?
Plagued Lands
How Big A Threat?
The Red Crystal
The Family And The Fishing Pole (23 fishing skill)
Washed Ashore #1 & #2
WSG daily 975 XP
As Water Cascades
The Fragments Within
Beached Sea Turtle
(while moving to the Samophlange area, I hit level 15)

After these, I did Samoplhange #1 and finished #2 but did not collect the XP to compensate for the inadvertent 290 XP

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