Saturday, November 24, 2007

Level 20, and meeting someone who saw my blog

Well, I made it to level 20 without too much trouble. One WSG daily, the rest from regular quests.

I needed to justify one quest - They're Alive! Maybe... on Bloodmyst Isle. In this quest, you have to free Expedition Researchers who are trapped in spider webbing, but to do this, you need to "kill" a Webbed Creature, which then spawns either an Expedition Researcher or a random mob. Since my fishing rod doesn't make my weapon skill go up, I decided to do it, as it fits in with my character.

My (temporary*) guild pointed out that using the Gnomish Mind-Control Helmet (if it backfires), or being mind controlled by a priest, could make me fight in combat unwillingly. I think as long as I wield my fishing rod, I'll be OK. I don't carry any weapons, and about the only thing that could happen would be for me to be disarmed while mind controlled, which would probably make my unarmed skill go up.

I saw someone buy linen cloth in bulk, so I sold him what I didn't need any longer. Since Alliance linen bandages are the only thing needed to open the AQ gates, I asked him (Calistariuss) if he was doing it to open AQ, and it turned out he was. I mentioned my pacifist rogue, and it turns out he had read my blog while googling for information on opening the AQ gates! Anyway, he has a 70 main (Mephisston) transferred to this server, who has the scepter needed to open the gates. I may have to get a spectator to Silithus...

(*temporary because, like my undead priest, I intend to form a guild called <The Pacifist>, so I will be labeled as such)

Here are the quests I took from level 15 to 20:

Samophlange #1 & #2 (but did not collect XP for #2)
Speak with Shoni
WSG daily 1050 XP!!
Beached Sea Creature
Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
Cave Mushrooms
The Fall of Ameth'Aran
The Master's Glaive
The Absent Minded Prospector
The Twilight Camp
Return to Onu
Urgent Delivery
The Bloodcurse Legacy
Restoring Sanctity (16)
Ysera's Tears
Talk to the Hand
Searching for Galen
Newfound Allies
The Way to Auberdine
The Tower of Althalaax
Beached Sea Turtle #2
Beached Sea Turtle #3
Mathystra relics
Encroaching Gnolls
Redridge Rendezvous
A Free Lunch
A Donation of Wool (Stormwind)
(get fishing to 50 so I can do Selling Fish quest)
Messenger to Stormwind #1
The Price of Shoes
A Dark Threat Looms #1 & #2
Thelsamar Blod Sausages (17)
A Donation of Wool (Darnassus)
WSG daily 1250 XP
Thundris Windweaver
The Cliffspring River
(leveled up fishing to max 75)
Gaffer Jacks
Easy Strider Living
Thunderbrew Lager
Return to Verner
Messenger to Stormwind #2
The Defias Brotherhood #1
Visit the Herbalist
Delivering Daffodils
Selling Fish
Hilary's Necklace
The Lost Tools
Messenger to Westfall #1
The Defias Brotherhood #2
Messenger to Westfall #2
Dry Times
The Defias Brotherhood #3
A Donation of Wool (Gnomeregan exiles) (18)
A Donation of Wool (Ironforge)
The Defias Brotherhood #4
(got lockpicking up to 90)
Alther's Mill
Messenger to Darkshire #1
Messenger to Darkshire #2
Raven Hill
Deliveries to Sven
A Donation of Wool (Exodar)
(found weather-beaten journal for fish finding)
The Sleeper Has Awakened
Journey to Astranaar
Onward to Ashenvale
Raene's Cleansing
(learned journeyman fishing so I can get to 100 and get fish finding)
Beached Sea Creature #1 & #2
Beached Sea Turtle #1 & #2
Irradiated Crystal Shards
They're Alive! Maybe... (see blog)
(hit level 19 exploring Stonetalon Mountains)
On Guard in Stonetalon #1 & #2
Ziz Fizziks
Journey to Stonetalon Peak
The Corruption Abroad
Deepmoss Spider Eggs
(explored Silverpine Forest)
Jitters' Growling Gut
Report to Mountaineer Rockgar
A Dark Threat Looms #3
Daily Delivery
A Dark Threat Looms #4
The Hermit
Beached Sea Creature #3 (20)


Aerdwyn said...

Grats on 20. I must admit I only found this blog today, due to the fact I was planning to start a pacifist character of my own. Now I'm not so sure anymore, as you obviously beat me to the idea. If I do go ahead with my plan though, I'm most likely going for a nelf druid, a proper treehugger.

George said...

Dang, someone beat me to it.

I've also been thinking about trying a pacifist character. I was thinking a tauren druid would have the most versatile set of abilities for dealing with collection-style quests.

I was wondering about the ethical considerations of participating in battlegrounds for xp, even if you don't do anything. It's not quite as bad as being the pacifist healer in a party that's slaying mobs, but it still feels wrong.

I did a tally up to level 10, using wowhead data, and it does seem like there should be enough xp from collection and delivery quests alone to make 11, though I was assuming being able to make it to the bloodelf starting area earlier than level 10.

Brian Westley said...

Just looking at wowhead quests isn't enough; many quests that could be done are unavailable, because they have prerequisites that require killing (and wowhead doesn't seem to exhaustively list every prerequisite for each quest). Horde quests seem to run out a lot sooner than Alliance, too (see my earlier undead priest posts)...

Battleground quests are kind of iffy, but I'm nearly out of quests at level 23, and I won't be able to level without them (or exploring areas too high for me, which is limited XP). And I bought Swift Boots in the AH for just 1G, so I gotta reach level 35 to use them (and get my engineering to 315).

Kimmy said...

Well said.