Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Noor at 10

Noor is now level 10 and appears in the armory. I'll be getting her engineering and mining up.

I might go Goblin Engineering, just to make it easier for Goblin Rocket Boots, which I will probably use for BG daily quests. I've already got Gnomish Rocket Boots from the AH for 70 silver.

Here are the quests Noor has done to get from level 5 to 10:
(learned mining, bought pickaxe)
Lost Necklace
(mined a lot)
(bought portal to Shattrath (90s), set hearth there)
The Woodland Protector
A Good Friend
A Friend In Need
Dolanaar Delivery
Denalan's Earth
Timberling Sprouts
Inoculation (6)
Spare Parts
The Missing Scout
Word From Azure Watch
Red Snapper - Very Tasty
Find Acteon!
Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!
The Alliance Needs Linen Bandages
(I can now make target dummies)
A Refugee's Quandary
The Temple of the Moon
A Troubling Breeze
Gnarlpine Corruption
The Emerald Dreamcatcher (7)
A Small Start
I've Got A Plant
Tree's Company
Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling
The Great Moongraze Hunt
Pie for Billy
Back to Billy
A Fishy Peril
Further Concerns
(exploring) (8)
Find the Lost Guards
Discover Rolf's Fate
A Bundle of Trouble
Report to Thomas
Deliver Thomas' Report
Cloth and Leather Armor
Recipe of the Kaldorei
(missed Rejold's New Brew)
The Perfect Stout (9)
Rumbleshot's Ammo
Tundra MacGrann's Stolen Stash
Beer Basted Boar Ribs
Shimmer Stout
Stout to Kadrell
Mountaineer Stormpike's Task
The Lost Pilot
Learning the Language
Totem of Coo
Totem of Tikti
Totem of Yor
Totem of Vark
The Missing Fisherman
A Cry for Help (10) (I didn't fight, I just bandaged Magwin. Didn't even need to use a dummy.)


Jesse said...

wow...this is really an amazing idea.

have you considered discovery xp too?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an insane waste of time but that's what wow is... :)

Best of luck on this!

Levesk said...

Just found your blog, I love the idea (and maybe I'll copy it), just a shame you're in a US server and I'm in Europe as I'd love to level with you.
Keep the good work, best of luck to Noor!

Gweryc Halfhand said...

I really appreciate how you're listing the quests you've done. It makes the whole thing much more interesting. Good luck as you press forward; I'll keep following along!