Monday, October 1, 2007

2.3 and rerolling

Well, after reading about the XP increase for quests, the level 20-60 XP decrease for new levels, and the repeatable daily BG quests that give XP, all coming in patch 2.3 (expected in November), plus the wart of having a dagger skill of 2 instead of a perfect 1, I've decided to reroll this same character when 2.3 comes out. I've gotten to level 20 without much of a problem, though quests are still a bit thin. The changes in 2.3 should help even more, and I'll try to buy a portal to Shattrath "on credit" so my pre-level 5 rogue can get to all four starting areas without going through Menethil Harbor and Auberdine, and losing some XP due to the XP cap. I hope at least some of the daily BG quests that give XP can be accomplished without combat; a pacifist rogue might work as a WSG flag-runner, and possibly a scout/flag ninja for the other BGs.

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