Sunday, October 21, 2007

Noor 2.0

I've tried Noorkhan on the public test realm, and since she doesn't "count", I've done some more experimenting...

The XP changes don't seem to affect levels 1-10; at 10, you're supposed to be able to get the daily BG quest if it happens to be WSG. So far I haven't seen WSG as the quest, but even though Noor is level 20 and can enter AB, she can't get the daily quest for AB. I sent a bug report on that. Even so, it doesn't look like there are enough players to actually run AB in that bracket.

I accidentally increased my unarmed combat by trying to loot my target dummy while being attacked by spiders; I hit the spiders a couple of times. I found that if I always wielded my fishing rod, hitting mobs doesn't increase my weapon skill. I could one-shot rats with it, though. It used to be (and maybe still is) the case that fishing-rod damage depends on fishing skill, so I'll always carry the weakest fishing rod and never fish, to keep any accidental hits as small as possible. Given that I'm also an engineer, I could "cheat" by throwing bombs and beating mobs to death with my fishing rod.

The one thing I noticed on the PTR is that the war effort to open the AQ gates is going on, and you get 650 XP just by talking to a gnome by the AH in IF and then talking to the dwarf in charge of the war effort in the military zone.

After checking realm status, there is ONE PvP realm that has not finished the war effort: Maiev. They still need to turn in linen bandages.

I have started Noor 2.0 (just Noor, not Noorkhan) on Maiev, and I have been able to get to level 5 just in the IF/SW areas, so I also won't lose XP by seeing Menethil Harbor at a low level. I'm now hearthed in Shattrath. One problem -- it's such a low population that it could be hard buying raw meat to complete some of the cooking quests. It's also hard to sell copper bars, though I've sold some. The Hallow's End quests don't give XP, but sometimes I get candy that I can vendor for more than a silver, which really helps.

Here are the quests Noor has done to get to level 5:
Explore some of Dun Morogh
Supplies to Tannok (level 2)
Tools for Steelgrill
Explore IF & SW
The Alliance Needs Your Help (3)
Thurman's Sewing Kit
Wine Shop Advert
A Threat Within
Eagan Peltskinner
Rest and Relaxation
Explore Goldshire
Bitter Rivals
Distracting Jarven
Return to Marleth (4)
Scout Through the Fargodeep Mine
Scalding Mornbrew Delivery
Bring Back The Mug
The Jasperlode Mine (5)

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