Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Level 12

Fade and Target Dummies
It turns out dropping a target dummy and fading does not get me out of combat, so I still can't solo Tomber's Supplies...

Running On Empty?
Getting to level 12 seems to have opened no new non-combat quests; at least, I haven't been able to find any. It looks like the other two Alliance start areas are the only way to advance, so I took a chance and ran into Ashenvale, and fortunately, I'm high enough to get exploring XP there -- better than wasting it like I did for some of WPL. I haven't been quite optimal in getting XP in other areas; I missed at least one "NPC1 tells me to talk to NPC2" quest by talking to NPC2 first and getting the quest that NPC1 would've sent me to do.

I've gone to the weapon trainer to learn staves, just so I can hold one if I find one that looks good. I will also probably learn level 1 of Devouring Plague since that appears to be a quest for UD priests that gives some XP.

Odd Playstyle
Given my method to loot Raptor Eggs, this is possibly the only priest build where +Agility and +Dodge is useful.

I don't need much bag space, because I don't get much loot, and I have to run between zones so much I go near banks frequently.

My level 70 mains have all kinds of combat macros; my priest has all emote macros.

I always have rested XP and never use it. I don't need to stay at inns since it doesn't help me.

Ways To Grind XP?
I've found one way to "grind" XP so far: the seasonal quests are repeatable. Not exactly quick leveling, but if I get stuck, I can mothball Reinisch and bring him out for each event until he goes up a level and can get new quests.

There used to be at a quest that allowed XP grinding without killing. The Steamwheedle reputation quest Water Pouch Bounty used to give 380 XP for repeat turn-ins (10% of the initial turn-in), but about the time that The Burning Crusade came out, it no longer gives XP, just rep.

I had hoped that changing your engineering speciality between Gnomish and Goblin would allow you to take the "Show Your Work" quest over & over, but from what I read, you are considered to have already done it even if you switch. This might change in the future, though, because people who have switched do not get their membership cards to switch, so they can't get the unique BOP pet that the other specialization can get by renewing their membership card.

The same appears to be true of the Darkmoon Faire decks; completing a deck creates a quest to turn it in, so I don't think you can repeat it for XP.

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