Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Unlucky 13

After getting to level 13, again mostly by exploring, it's looking more & more like this is the highest level I can reach (discounting the seasonal quests). The vast majority of my XP is now coming from exploring (I hit 13 getting to Stonetalon Peak, exploring the last part of Stonetalon Mountains) and I only have Thousand Needles and Duskwood unexplored.

I'll find what quests I can do (I've done the first two parts of Samophlange; part 3 requires a kill), but I'm already thinking about seeing how far an Alliance pacifist can get, and how to learn from my mistakes:
  • A priest is a good pacifist from a roleplaying point of view, but not in gameplaying terms; a hunter would be best, as a pet can keep the mob's attention.
  • I'll be more careful about not losing XP by exploring high level areas and starting quests at the wrong time/place.
  • An older, more populated RPPvP server would be better, as I can buy & sell more easily at the auction house.
  • When I hit level 11, I'll go to all the Horde lowbie zones to get exploring XP.

    The ideal, I think, would be a gnome hunter, if such existed. The +15 engineering would allow immediate use of target dummies, and other useful items sooner, like a goblin rocket helmet. A pacifist gnome warlock could almost work, as oxymoronic as it sounds. But creating soul shards requires killing, and imps can't tank. The best choice is the cliché, the Night Elf Hunter. Shadowmeld will probably come in handy.
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    Gweryc said...

    Feign Death and Disengage would be useful Hunter tools for you to have, in addition to Shadowmeld, if you went the night elf route. I'd probably take Shadowmeld over Gift of the Naaru as a racial. Shadowmeld helps you avoid combat; self-heal means you're probably already fighting -- not a good situation for a pacifist.

    I wonder if a Paladin might not be a good choice, since you could use the immunity bubbles to loot things.

    Be very careful if you're using a pet to replace target dummies. I can imagine your pet accidentally killing something on your behalf.

    I'm glad to see you're still keeping at this! Good luck as you progress.