Monday, July 30, 2007

A detour before taking the A-Train

I've taken the long swim back up to Westfall (and get the Keeper of the Flame quest from the ghost Captain Grayson at the Westfall lighthouse - yes, he gives them to Horde, too) and explored the rest of it, and swam across to Redridge to get all of those exploring XP before my level gets too high. I inadvertently get some XP from the edges of Duskwood as I swim over.

Running around Redridge, I run into some Alliance. I wave, but the ?? Rogue kills me. After more exploring and dying around the gnolls near the Tower of Ilgalar, I rez and some gnolls attack again. I bubble and hit Renew as I run, and two ?? Alliance players see me and attack the gnolls to help me. I actually survive while both of them die -- not much I could do to help. I wait around for them to rez so I can /thank them and /bow. One of them waves, but then they both start attacking me, I guess because their friends (who had killed me earlier) come by and they don't want to appear "soft on Horde."

After returning to Horde territory and levelling up some more, I start running low on quests again, and decide I really need to get to Dun Morough and Loch Modan to get more exploring XP before I'm too high level to get it. So, I swim up to Westfall for a third time and corpse-hop through Stormwind, which takes more than an hour to get to the tram. One odd note, WoW keeps track of your last two corpses, leaving a skeleton at each. This seems wrong somehow...

I'm making a list of quests that I've done. I've already got a couple of people willing to join a guild I plan to create called <The Pacifist>, so players (including Alliance) will see my name as:

<The Pacifist>

I've also come up with a couple of possible ways to solo the Tomber's Supplies quest -- either throw down a Target Dummy and Fade, which might take me out of combat so I can get the supplies, or level up engineering so I can use a Gnomish Cloaking Device and (hopefully) get the supplies before I go into combat.

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