Friday, June 17, 2011

No Goblin or Worgen pacifists

Not much to update, just that I've played a couple of new toons to try the new races, and both of the new starting areas pretty much force you to kill to get to the next quest to get out of the starting area.

For some reason, Blizzard didn't make the Worgen start area have anything in the "real world" (it's empty) -- the way that the Forsaken attack near the "end" of the Worgen sequence would have easily allowed it to be a new Horde quest zone, using phasing.


cirby said...

Could a warlock or guild summons pull a level 1 Goblin or Worgen into the rest of the world?

Unknown said...

warlock and RaF summons do not work, i have not tried guild summons but i imagine they would not work either

goblin / worgen DK pacifists were possible for a while, i don't have any playtime to check if it can still be done. lookup this armory link if you are sceptical:

amcghm said...
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