Monday, August 6, 2007

More thoughts on an Alliance pacifist

After getting my priest most of the way to level 15 by exploring more dangerous areas, I've changed my mind about what class/race to use for my Alliance test. My priest is finding it harder and harder to explore, and bubbling & running doesn't last long against mobs 20 levels higher.

A rogue can sprint, and sprinting doesn't having problems with scaling the way bubbles/healing does. If I can run away fast enough, I can live. The gnome racial ability of escape artist helps, too.

As a level 5 gnome, I'll be able to use target dummies; level 10 doesn't give me any immediate improvement over a non-gnome, but at level 20 I can use (but not make) a Goblin Rocket Helmet, unlike non-gnome engineers. I could also make a Gnomish Battle Chicken (to act as more of a decoy) if I need one.

A pacifist rogue is also more obvious in an armory entry...

Finally, due to what I've found about exploring XP, I should start the character around a holiday that allows low level characters to earn a fair amount of XP; this will allow me to maximize the amount I get from exploring.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Made Level 14!

I did a lot of exploring and found a few more non-combat quests, and got to level 14. However, I've noticed something about XP for exploring that I haven't seen anywhere... When I was level 13, the 'cap' for exploring XP was 135; no matter where I explored, I never got more than 135 XP for an area. When I hit 14, I started getting 145. I seems the optimal way is to do all new quests available when you get a new level and minimize exploring until you can't do any more quests.

I've done some work on a Draenei hunter, but I've already goofed up and missed a 'referral' quest that I can't get now. Since she's only level 3, I think I'll restart her at some point. There might also be an 'optimal' race that can level up in their starting area enough to make a noticable difference in maximizing exploring XP.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


On further consideration, I think a Draenei hunter would be best. There appear to be at least a few Draenei-only quests, and I don't think there are any that are Alliance-except-Draenei, so there should be slightly more XP available. Plus, Draenei have a slight self-heal, and before I hit level 10 I can be a jewelcrafter and make some healing stone statues that I can bank.

Unlucky 13

After getting to level 13, again mostly by exploring, it's looking more & more like this is the highest level I can reach (discounting the seasonal quests). The vast majority of my XP is now coming from exploring (I hit 13 getting to Stonetalon Peak, exploring the last part of Stonetalon Mountains) and I only have Thousand Needles and Duskwood unexplored.

I'll find what quests I can do (I've done the first two parts of Samophlange; part 3 requires a kill), but I'm already thinking about seeing how far an Alliance pacifist can get, and how to learn from my mistakes:
  • A priest is a good pacifist from a roleplaying point of view, but not in gameplaying terms; a hunter would be best, as a pet can keep the mob's attention.
  • I'll be more careful about not losing XP by exploring high level areas and starting quests at the wrong time/place.
  • An older, more populated RPPvP server would be better, as I can buy & sell more easily at the auction house.
  • When I hit level 11, I'll go to all the Horde lowbie zones to get exploring XP.

    The ideal, I think, would be a gnome hunter, if such existed. The +15 engineering would allow immediate use of target dummies, and other useful items sooner, like a goblin rocket helmet. A pacifist gnome warlock could almost work, as oxymoronic as it sounds. But creating soul shards requires killing, and imps can't tank. The best choice is the cliché, the Night Elf Hunter. Shadowmeld will probably come in handy.