Monday, April 28, 2008

Reinisch at 19

Doing a few quests (including one I missed until someone posted about Dig Rats here) and doing a herbalist-only quest by dropping mining for herbalism for a bit, plus a lot of WSG...

Friday, April 25, 2008

More unintentional XP

I got 1002 XP today because of my mining technique...

Often, I'll mine nodes near Allerian Stronghold by releasing a combat pet (battle chicken or mithril dragonling) and mining while my pet keeps the mob busy. Since my pets are so much weaker than the mobs, I don't have to worry about accidentally killing a mob this way - my pet always dies, but not until after I've been able to grab some ore.

But today, a 66 gnome warrior was also mining in the area, and he killed the wolf that my dead chicken had kept occupied (and tagged), so I got 1002 XP...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reinisch Does Redridge

I found out recently that the kids on the dock in Redridge will give their quest to horde players too, so Reinisch made the long journey for a still-green quest. Notice that you can't quite get the quest from the water...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Life begins

On Friday, I had no BG quest, and with 3 BGs to go to 40, I decided to explore Azshara and Felwood to get to 40. I'll get a mount, mine a ton, and get ready for blacksmithing...

Here are the quests Noor did to get from level 35 to 40:
Master of the WIld Leather
Triage (but I missed Alliance Trauma)
A Sign of Hope #1
Coolant Heads Prevail
Land Ho!
A Sign of Hope #2
Solution to Doom
To Ironforge for Yagyin's Quest
The Lost Dwarves
Liquid Stone
I Got Nothin' Left
I Know a Guy...
Clamette Surprise
Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme
The Zeppelin Crash
Securing the Cargo (36)
Delivery for Drazzit
Deep Sea Salvage
The Lunar Festival
Lunar Fireworks
Valadar Starsong
Sunken Treasure #1-#5
Death From Below
Cortello's Riddle #1-#3
(explore a bit more of Hinterlands) (37)
Mazen's Behest
Tabetha's Farm
Catch a Dragon by the Tail
Stinky's Escape
Feast at the Blue Recluse
WSG (1 win) 3700 XP
The Bloodsail Buccaneers #1-#3
WSG (1 win) 3700 XP
AB (4 losses)
AB (1 win) 3700 XP
Dearest Colara
Dangerous Love
Aristan's Hunch
Morgan's Discovery
Tracing the Source #1-#2
The Source Revealed
A Bubbling Cauldron
WSG (2 losses, 1 win) 3700 XP
WSG (3 losses, 1 win) 3700 XP
AB (1 loss, 1 win) 3700 XP
WSG (4 losses, 1 win) 3700 XP
WSG (1 loss, 1 win) 3700 XP
(forgot and sapped an orc with my dagger, dagger skill is now 2)
AB (4 losses, 1 win) 3700 XP
AB (1 loss, 1 win) 3700 XP (38)
Lost Supplies (0 XP since I've done it before)
Pool of Tears
In Search of the Temple
To The Hinterlands
Gryphon Master Talonaxe
Rhapsody Shindigger
Help for Mudsprocket
Gadgetzan Water Survey
AB (1 win) 3900 XP
WSG (1 win) 3900 XP
WSG (1 loss, 1 win) 3900 XP
(350 mining)
AB (2 losses, 1 win) 3900 XP
(got Last Month's Mutton, use with Old Ironjaw offhand)
WSG (5 losses)
WSG (7 losses)
WSG (1 win) 3900 XP
WSG (2 losses, 1 win) 3900 XP
AB (4 losses, 1 win) 3900 XP
WSG (1 win) 3900 XP
AB (1 win) 3900 XP (39)
Gizelton Caravan
(explored rest of Feralas, STV, Hinterlands)
WSG (1 win) 4150 XP
Arena Master
Missing in Action (grey quest, only 10% XP)
AB (1 win) 4150 XP
(hit 375 mining)
WSG (1 win) 4150 XP
WSG (1 win) 4150 XP (was down 0-2; blew two pairs of rocket boots, but we won)
AB (1 win) 4150 XP (my lvl 63 gnomish battle chicken solo killed a lvl 34 paladin - I can't turn it off...)
Arena Grandmaster (trinket, no XP)
AB (4 losses, 1 win) 4150 XP
WSG (2 losses, 1 win) 4150 XP
AB (1 loss, 1 win) 4150 XP
(hit 375 cooking)
WSG (3 losses, 1 win) 4150 XP
WSG (3 losses, 1 win) 4150 XP
(explored Azshara and some of Felwood) (40)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'll save on ammo, at least

Learned bows and picked up the Longrunner's Bow using WSG marks, since it has +6 stamina and +3 agility. No arrows, though.

My priest got one of Sayge's quest fortunes, but it appears they no longer give you XP, just Faire rep and a box of various items...

Just 4 more battlegrounds to level 40 now...