Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Restless Souls

Found another quest I can do - The Restless Souls (parts 1 and 2). I missed it earlier, and one Wowhead comment says even non-stealthers can solo this at level 59, all you have to do is wait for Restless Souls to wander close to the entrance.

Even though it's a "gun", it's a channeled weapon that frees up their souls, so it's OK (and my gun skill didn't go up, since players who can't use guns can use this).

Reinisch was also able to buy Captain Sanders' Treasure Map in the auction house, so now he too wears his shirt. Quest was already gray, so only 10% XP.

Update: I managed to do some more older quests: Tomb of the Lightbringer (a couple of Alliance helped, unasked)

I also read that it's possible to do Broodling Essence and get the essences even if the Broodling is tagged and killed by someone else, so I was able to do this by following people in stealth and using the quest item during their fights. Most of my essences came from an Orc hunter who waved at me but acted like a bot.

Broodling Essence (unfortunately, it just went gray at 63, 10% XP)
Felnok Steelspring (green, only 775 XP or so)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guardians of the Altar

I've tried the Guardians of the Altar escort quest a few times, but since Ranshalla is sometimes two levels lower than the Wildkin in the area, and it's possible to get two mobs, I wasn't able to ever finish it using my non-lethal methods (though I could get about 3 of the 5 torches lit).

However, I often use my Goblin teleporter to go to Winterspring and visit Vi'el to see if he has any cheap Felcloth or Gromsblood, and that takes me past Ranshalla, and I always look to see if the Wildkin are cleared out, even though they respawn quickly.

They were gone, so I stealthed and scouted ahead, and saw a couple of horde (70 Orc warrior Gromkur and 60 BE warlock Angrybunni) killing all the WIldkin, so I figured I'd start the quest and see what happens.

They saw Ranshalla, but she isn't killable by horde. I waved, but when Gromkur detected me, he took a chop at me, so I blinded him and ran off a bit until the bleeding stopped and I could re-stealth. But the next time he detected me, he waved, so they both ignored me and kept killing Wildkin and I was finally able to finish this quest and the followup, which was at the first stage of green at level 62, so I got all the 15750 XP.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reinisch makes level 28

Reinisch made it to level 28, which opens up the new PvP rewards for both WSG and AB, beefing up his health, mana, and mp5 nicely. Still the usual dearth of quests for pacifist horde though...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mr. Pinchy

I caught Mr. Pinchy in Lake Ere'Noru, and got the Magical Crawdad pet on my first wish:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spirits of Auchindoun

Level 62 opens another daily PvP quest for the same amount of XP as the BG quest; all I need to do is help capture a tower in the Bone Wastes, which can be done about every 6 hours.

This, along with my fishing up a Strange Engine Part about every other day, looks like I can go up a level about every 3 weeks, assuming every level opens up enough quests for me to get 20% towards the next level. This doesn't count seasonal or other unexpected XP.

I did make one blunder; at level 61, I got my Sporeggar reputation up to Friendly, thinking it would open up some new quests. It didn't, it actually removed an XP quest I could have done at level 62 for my first turn-in of Glowcaps; you can't get this quest after hitting Friendly, and you have to be at least level 62, so I missed out on 10k XP (equivalent to one BG or Tower daily).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Azerothian Graffiti: Where were you at level 62?

Noor finally made level 62, in a little under a month. Interesting to compare her sources of experience points in getting from 61 to 62:

41% from daily battlegrounds (24 BGs won)
31% from fishing up Strange Engine Parts (14 parts)
28% from all other quests

Since 60-70 takes longer than the 1-60 fast-track, I'll post the quest list every other level now. Here are the quests Noor did to get from 60 to 62:

(somewhere during level 60, dropped Mining for Tailoring)
Hero of the Stormpike
More Torch Tossing (9550 XP)
More Torch Catching (9550 XP)
Rise and be Recognized
AB (5 losses, 1 win) (9550 XP)
More Torch Tossing (9550 XP)
More Torch Catching (9550 XP)
WSG (1 win) (9550 XP)
AB (1 win) (9550 XP)
Control Four Bases
Aurel Goldleaf
Cenarion Battlegear
Field Duty (0 XP)
Field Duty Papers (0 XP)
What Tomorrow Brings
A Little Slime Goes A Long Way
In Search of Sedai
Return to Obedai
A Traitor Among Us
The Dreghood Elders
Plants of Zangarmarsh
The Dead Mire
Fulgor Spores
The Boha'mu Ruins
Idols of the Feralfen
City of Light
Junkboxes Needed (0 XP)
Armor Kits for the Field (0 XP)
AB (2 losses, 1 win) (9550 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#12)
Coldtooth Supplies (0 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#13)
Craftman's Writ - Major Healing Potions (0 XP; AD rep)
AV (6 losses)
AV (3 losses)
Craftman's Writ - Goblin Sapper Charge (0 XP; AD rep)
Craftman's Writ - Goblin Sapper Charge (0 XP; AD rep)
AV (3 losses)
Bone Fragments (0 XP; AD rep)
Savage Fronds (0 XP; AD rep)
AV (4 losses)
Craftman's Writ - Stonescale Eel (0 XP; AD rep)
Strange Engine Part (#14)
AV (3 losses)
Dark Iron Scraps (0 XP; AD rep)
Core of Elements (0 XP; AD rep)
Strange Engine Part (#15)
(explored rest of Outland that doesn't require flying)
AV (2 losses)
[ somehow, I overlooked the goblin questgivers in HFP for weeks ]
Outland Sucks!
How To Serve Goblins
In Case of Emergency
Ravager Egg Roundup
Ishanah (Aldor)
Identify Plant Parts x 10 (now friendly with Cenarian Expedition)
Blessings of the Ancients
Abyssal Contacts
Dukes of the Council
Bor Wildmane
Strange Engine Part (#16)
Escape from Umbrafen
Armor Scraps (lost 1 AV; not daily)
Strange Engine Part (#17)
(explored more bits of Outland that I'd missed earlier) (61)
EotS (3 losses)
Concerted Efforts (0 XP)
(tried AV and won; not daily)
EotS (1 loss)
Helping the Cenarion Post
The Cenarion Expedition
Warden Hamoot
Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake
As The Crow Flies
Watcher Leesa'oh
The Sporelings Plight
Natural Enemies
More Tendrils
Observing the Sporelings
More Spore Sacs
A Question of Gluttony
More Spore Sacs
More Spore Sacs (now friendly)
Balance Must Be Preserved
WSG (3 losses)
WSG (2 losses)
EotS (1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#18)
AB (5 losses)
AB (3 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
AV (1 loss, 1 win) (9800 XP)
(bought schematic for the Flame Deflector, it finally appeared in the Auction House. Only 1G!)
AB (3 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
(350 tailoring)
Becoming a Shadoweave Tailor
(switched to Mooncloth, no additional XP)
Cryptstalker Armor Doesn't Make Itself
Alicia's Poem
Strange Engine Part (#19)
AB (2 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#20)
AV (1 win) (9800 XP)
EotS (5 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
AB (2 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
AB (1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#21)
Strange Engine Part (#22) (halfway to level 62)
AV (1 win) (9800 XP)
EotS (8 losses)
AV (1 win) (9800 XP)
WSG (2 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
AV (4 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
WSG (3 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
AB (3 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
WSG (2 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#23)
Strange Engine Part (#24) (caught two in a row)
WSG (1 loss, 1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#25)
AV (1 win) (9800 XP)
Your Fortune Awaits You... (0 XP)
Craftman's Writ - Flask of Petrification (0 XP, but now honored with AD, learned powerful anti-venom)
EotS (1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#26)
WSG (1 loss, 1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#27)
Strange Engine Part (#28)
EotS (2 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
AV (1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#29)
AV (2 losses, 1 win) (9800 XP)
Your Fortune Awaits You... (0 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#30)
WSG (1 win) (9800 XP)
Strange Engine Part (#31)
AV (1 win) (9800 XP) (62)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Oh, the shame

Reinisch finally went too far... with Psychic Scream still on cooldown, I hit a flag capper in Arathi Basin with my staff -- and he died! As some sort of cosmic punishment, the battleground aborted later during the game and everyone was kicked out with a deserter debuff...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Getting to Lake Ere'Noru (without flying or summon)

It's possible to get there using Parachute Cloak and Rocket Boots Xtreme, but you have to aim and jump juuuuust right: