Sunday, May 31, 2009

Reinisch hits 50

With the Midsummer Fire Festival approaching, I decided to get all the flight paths in Outland, and after doing that, I was only 4 bars from level 50, so I explored most of what was left of Azeroth (Silithus, EPL, WPL, etc) and hit level 50. This puts me in the next BG bracket, so I had to say goodbye to Worf, a 49 twink Hunter who can hold off half a dozen Alliance at times.

I powerleveled engineering to 375, so now I have Rocket Boots Xtreme Lite and Foreman's Enchanted Helmet. If I hang out at the Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin, I should be able to get to any node in trouble using my boots and Levitate.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chasing A-Me 01

I was finally able to do the last part of Chasing A-Me 01 when I checked and saw that most of the apes were gone. A-Me only had to deal with about 4 apes, all outside the cave, and a couple of tar pit elementals near the end. An level 51 Night Elf (Triblade) even helped with the last tar pit elemental right near the end.

A player named Fionn in Thunder Bluff put out a Foam Sword Rack; if only the swords didn't vanish when you log out like all conjured items, it would be a perfect weapon for Reinisch (and Noor).

Addendum: I was also able to finally complete Screecher Spirits while it was still green; a couple of high-level Alliance characters were running around killing all the mobs, which allowed me to finally finish it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some gray quests

Both Rotting Hearts and Spinal Dust are quests that can be completed by buying unbound drops; I didn't know this until I saw them in the auction house under "quest items". Very little XP by now, but still, it's the principle.

It looks like Reinisch will hit the Midsummer Fire Festival at level 49, just like Noor did last year, which should help boost him to level 60 or so soon after. Assuming Reinisch has the same success/failure with faction friendliness (he also won't be able to get to Hellfire Fortifications), he'll be able to do Spirits of Auchindoun as a daily starting at level 62 (not 63 as claims). The Dalaran cooking daily should start at level 65, and at level 70 lots will open up

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reinisch doing quest: Into the Depths

To do Into the Depths, you have to go down the righthand circular staircase in the Sunken Temple and interact with the Altar of Hakkar.

Noor did this using stealth; Reinisch just followed the patrolling serpent down, then activated his Goblin Rocket Boots & Cloaking Device, and quaffed a Lesser Invisibility Potion just before de-cloaking. I probably should have recorded how he made it into the instance, as that was a bit more exciting...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reinisch gets his discombobulator on

The Security DELTA Data Access Card finally turned up in the horde auction house, so I could get the plans to make Discombobulator Rays. At level 46, I didn't need stealth or invisibility, but I did a few precautionary Mind Soothes...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Finally caught the turtle mount, after a few thousand casts:

Turtle mount

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reinisch hits 45

46 immediately after -- I finally hit a really good fed ex quest, Stealing Knowledge and all eight subsequent delivery quests, getting me nearly halfway to 46. With the old world Children's Week quests and the last of Noblegarden, plus the imperfect AND perfect Draenethyst fragments from Kum'isha, and a little more exploring of Azshara and Felwood, I hit 46 a day later. I wanted to hit level 46 so I could take 2 points in the talent Body and Soul for WSG runners. Of course, now I want to hit 47 so I can wear both of my Freezing Bands, which are now generic +18 spellpower and the freezing proc.

Update: After Noor did both the Azeroth and Shattrath orphan chains for Children's Week, I realized that I never did the Azeroth orphan chain on either Noor or Reinisch last year! Without the built-in calendar back then, it was easy to miss because there weren't any commoners spreading the word. Missed a few XP there...