Sunday, December 5, 2010

Horde vs. Alliance low-level dailies

Each faction gets 1 of 5 different daily quests for fishing and cooking that are available starting at level 10; however, some of these quests can't be done as a pacifist (defined as getting no kills on your stats, so things like ordinary fishing don't count).

Alliance cooking:
A Fisherman's Feast
Feeling Crabby?
Orphans Like Cookies Too!
Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes
The King's Cider

I think all of the above can be done by pacifists.

Horde cooking:
Careful, This Fruit Bites Back
Crawfish Creole
Even Thieves Get Hungry *
Everything Is Better With Bacon *
Stealing From Our Own (either version)

The ones marked * require killing.

Alliance Fishing:
Big Gulp
Diggin' For Worms
Hitting a Walleye
Rock Lobster
Thunder Falls

Again, I think all of the above can be done by pacifists.

Horde fishing:
A Furious Catch
A Golden Opportunity *
A Staggering Effort *
Clammy Hands
No Dumping Allowed

The ones marked * require killing.

With a 100% vs. 60% advantage in daily quests, that's something like an 8 gathering nodes XP difference (each daily is worth about 10 unrested gathering nodes, so the average is 20 per day for Alliance, and 12 for Horde).

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Cerrander said...

Hey good to see you back in action. I've pull Carlah out of moth balls as well as I've moved to a new blog host.

One of the stipulations I made on Carlah was not to kill anything, even for food. So that also means fishing up fish for cooking dailies is out of the question. Those fish and crabs will be cooked and eaten, or filleted so I could get an old locket out of one.

However, gathering exp is so huge, i should really be able to move her forward. I'm also going to turn Carlah into an archeologist.