Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Again, phantom inflicted damage

Somewhere along the line, my pacifist inflicted 349,960 damage, including one blow of 45,154! Still no kills, but blizzard's weird damage bookkeeping strikes again.

The new quests seem more varied, which means more Horde quests that don't involve killing. I've advanced so fast that some quests I can do are gray by the time I find them.


roguedubb said...

Doh :( That sucks

I had a similar bungle on the day of Cata, picked up a heap of damage with no kills. Not sure what quest it was, but I did do a few 'destory/set fire to stuff' quests which I think is where the damage came from. Anywho, didn't happen on my main pacifist!

P.S., I'm not sure how much you play the AH, but I've noticed that with all my herb farming I keep killing the pricing on whatever herbs I'm farming because I end up with so much in my bags I just try to move it out quickly. Anywho, just wondering if you've noticed a similar effect.

Brian Westley said...

I haven't put up so many stacks that I depress the market noticeably, though I now have about 6 stacks of tin ore up. The realm I'm on (Ysondre) was the only PvP realm marked for new characters when I signed in, but it's apparently an old server, so there are a lot of high level toons to buy up mats. I've had lousy luck with the cooking daily, each one is worth 100G since there's a guy buying up the crates of meat you can get for 2 cooking awards for 200G each.