Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WOW official magazine

My pacifist characters are supposed to be in issue #2 of the World of Warcraft Official Magazine (which won't be out for a while). If I am close to hitting 80 before it comes out, I'll wait until after that (but I'll still need to beat Cataclysm so I can have a beach party by Auberdine).

A couple of recent gaffs - I did "The Eyes of Skettis" before "Secrets of the Arakkoa," so I'm unable to do the latter now. I also accidentally killed a rat doing "Vessels of Power" when I took one vessel and it exploded and killed a nearby rat (I didn't know it could kill critters). However, my stats didn't get credit for a critter kill.

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roguedubb said...

That's pretty neat, getting into the magazine :)