Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mainchenn hits level 62

Finally, after over 1 day /played just to get from level 61 to 62, and over a month of real time to get from 60 to 62, I will finally be able to do the Auchindoun daily (and become a tree)...

Here are the quests Mainchenn did to get from level 60 to 62:
(dropped 265 blacksmithing, took up tailoring)
(explored Blade's Edge Mountains)
(explored Hellfire Peninsula)
In Search of Sedai
Return to Obedai
A Traitor Among Us
The Dreghood Elders
Plants of Zangarmarsh
The Boha'mu Ruins
Fulgor Spores
The Dead Mire
Idols of the Feralfen
City of Light
Escape from Umbrafen
Identify Plant Parts x 9
Blessings of the Ancients
Cenarion Battlegear
Aurel Goldleaf
What Tomorrow Brings
(325 tailoring)
Cloth Scavenging (tailor)
(made Flying Carpet, 350 tailoring)
Becoming a Mooncloth Tailor
(explored Shadowmoon Valley)
(explored Terokkar Forest)
(explored Nagrand)
(explored Netherstorm)
(explored Outland)
New Years Celebrations! (0 XP)
Strange Engine Part #14-#17
Abyssal Contacts
(explored more of Zul'Drak) (61)
Helping the Cenarion Post
The Cenarion Expedition
Warden Hamoot
Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake
As The Crow Flies
Watcher Leesa'oh
The Sporelings Plight
Observing the Sporelings
A Question of Gluttony
Balance Must Be Preserved
More Spore Sacs
More Spore Sacs
An Ambitious Plan
Natural Enemies (now neutral with Sporeggar)
Alicia's Poem
Dukes of the Council
Bor Wildmane
Nat's Measuring Tape
(explored Zul'Drak)
(explored Storm Peaks)
Strange Engine Part #18-#27 (62)


roguedubb said...

Love is in the Air should help - the spray 10 people with perfume daily is a pacifist quest and awards exp relative to your level. Some of the quest chain can be done too (I tested the A Friendly Chat... step on another character and you only need to click through a few speech options).

Good luck out there.
[now working on Faene@Saurfang after my previous pacifists got involved in that Hallow's End debacle]

Brian Westley said...

Thanks for the heads-up roguedubb, doesn't list "A Perfect Puff of Perfume" under the seasonal category for some reason. Dailies with XP are always a huge boost.

Brian Westley said...

Even better -- bracelets are tradable, so I can do all four city leader dailies! 40k more XP per day!

Jesse said...

Hey, this is Carlah, aka the vegan pacifist. Didn't realize I can tap into my google account to make posts.

I saw that bracelets are tradeable, but after some thinking on how they are acquired I will be passing on that exp. The charms are made from landing a killing a blow. I guess I could feign ignorance (much like I did with eggs bought from the Auction House) but after the mess from escort quests and All Hallows, I'm skipping out on anything that requires any aggressive action along the way.

But man is it going to take a long time to get to 80 (85 by then probably).

acaaju said...

Glad to hear you finally leveled again. Good luck!