Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yay! Buggy Midsummer Fire Festival

Resetting the fires has allowed me to get ALL the fires again, so I've gotten most of them twice. Someone even asked in the blizzard forums if re-doing fires is ok, and it is.

Anyway, Reinisch hit 60. He doesn't have enough to train fast riding, but with the 550G discount projected for the next patch, he may stick with ol' blue until the next patch.


Anonymous said...

Inspired by you I created my own pacifist (elf-druid) a while ago but soon realised that I won't make it very far without a little help from an event. So this morning I logged on Pazi (I intend to create a guild with the name Fist ^^) and got her to lvl6 with doing the midsummer-quests and exploring. That also allowed me to learn mining and fishing and now I'm in business.

For those of you out there who want to try the pacifist-way: Learn fishing as soon as possible and start fishing anywere to high for your skill. The junk you fish is more valuable (vendor) than the fish you could get. Oh and for some reason I got 1 skillpoint for every weapon I could use by learning fishing.

Anonymous said...

Just a little update and question:
Thanks to the midsummer event I reached lvl16 with little to no problems. With the quests still in my log and the dailies I can do till the midsummer event ends I probably will reach 20 by the end of the week and then its time for all the nice engineering tools :D (can't wait to use rocket boots).

Would you consider using roots (if I know the victim will live through it) cheating? I mean it's the same as using bombs right?

Brian Westley said...

Roots are even more pacifistic than bombs, so sure.

Zach said...

After reading this, i think i might start something gimmicky as well. Any ideas? I wasn't going to do something that effects leveling, I was thinking something that restricts the amount of gold i make?

Brian Westley said...

Not sure; I've thought of a sort of hermit character who stays out of towns, or at least the big cities (though you'd need class training), but maybe only using drops could work, too.

Pazi said...

Since I don't want to abuse your blog with lengthy posts I created my own blog ;)