Sunday, June 21, 2009

Argh! Buggy Midsummer Fire Festival

The quests from last year haven't reset, so (at the moment) I can't revisit all the fires I did last year. This will probably be hotfixed, since people need achievements for the special mount...more later.

OK, it's later. I managed to get all the fires that I didn't do last year (including the new ones in Northrend), and Blizzard will probably make the fires done last year doable again after a hotfix, which should get me about another level in XP. Currently, with Fire Festival quests and a few new ones that opened up, I've gone up about 4 levels.

OK, now it's the next day, and it looks like I can turn in A Thief's Reward every day, at least until they fix it again, because of the Fire Festival quest reset.


Paitaar said...

The quests will likely be resetted for the achievements, I have the same thing (most quests already done) on my main character. Paitaar however is trying to do all those fires in the old world, now there is something fun again after i grew tired of losing Warsong and stopped playing him.

Brian Westley said...

It should boost you a few levels, at least. We'll have to see what kind of XP pacifist healers can get in battlegrounds in the new patch.